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Crazy cat

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Jorin is the worlds pickiest eater... won't eat turkey treats or chicken cat food... will ONLY eat wet food if it's fish flavored... turned his nose up at turkey liver, turkey breast, chicken, beef, pork etc... well, I just caught him stealing my broccoli! Yes, my raw, unseasoned broccoli!
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My Gweeky loves raw beans! Who knows - you may have a vegitarian there.
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Ophelia likes asparagus. She's not a real picky eater though. We call her Our Little Piggy!
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heh, he "deigned" to eat tuna/crab shumai wet food this morning, because we're out of dry food until we can get to the store. I have this canned food called Petreet, and it's kinda neat. There's a layer of rice, and the meat below that. It's kinda dry though. I give them 1/2 can each, and warm it up for 6 seconds in the micro.
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heh, who knows about this cat! He turned his nose up at the wet food, (well, both did) and the egg yolks, which Tiger devoured, and ate a mushroom piece I dropped from my omelet! I guess he's vegetarian!
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Why oh why are some cats so picky? The only fish my cats will eat is if it comes covered in batter from a fish and chip shop. I've tried giving them trout, salmon, tuna, prawns, crab, haddock, etc cooked, raw, and they just turn their noses up at it. But the smell of fish and chips sends them doolally, with their noses in our plates and desperate attempts to beg or steal. Moogie (RIP) would also eat the chips. Maybe it was the smell of vinegar.
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or the fats used in cooking?
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Jedi is a "very" finnicky eater! He will turn his nose up at wet food of any kind/flavor, any treats that are NOT chicken flavored (he wants no part of tuna, shrimp, all the stuff you would think a cat would love), will only eat 2 kinds of treats so far (Pounce Chicken flavor, and Baste Em's Roasted Chicken). I have tried to give him veggies, small pieces of meat, etc. He sniffs and then walks away!

The only other thing he has actually eaten is a small bite of roasted turkey breast.

He's a dry kitten food and water kind of guy!:tounge2:
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