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snake bite

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G'day anybody
I (Paul) work in a golf pro shop and we have an 8yr old de-sexed male cat of the ordinary garden variety with the nicest personality I have ever seen in a cat.
He was recently bitten by a Tiger snake, an extremely venomous variety, and is recovering at the moment. The legacy of the bite is currently little or no feeling in the ends of the rear paws resulting in his shuffling/walking with the ends of the paws tucked under. The result is that he has taken fur and skin off and damaged claws in his attempts to get around.
In an attempt to restrict further damage we have taken to keeping him in a change room with adequate resources other than contact and site of humans. While I was on days off he apparently chewed out two claws and he cries a lot, probably because he misses contact with people.
Could you let me know if the claw chewing and crying is a behavioural problem and any other information please.
Thanking you in anticipation


Liz and Paul Smith
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Hi Liz and Paul - welcome to the forums!

So sorry to hear about poor Patch.

I wonder why do you keep him isolated, though. You say he is kept in a room with adequate resources but no contact with humans, why is that? I think poor Patch probably misses the company. That could even explain the crying and the chewing. That and the pain. Maybe you should give him some painkillers. What does your vet recommend?

Did the vet check his feet after he chewed them? It should be treated to prevent infection.

I don't know about tiger snakes, we don't have them over here. Cats are considered lucky to survive any poisonous snake bite, because they're relatively small.

What did the vet say about the prognosis? Does she or he expect Patch to regain the feeling in his legs? I've heard that when a limb is paralised, it's sometimes better to amputate that limb, to prevent self-mutilation.

Anyone else has any experience with snake bits or paralysis?
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Anne, thank you very much for responding to our query.
My feelings about animals and especially cats is different from that of my boss. Apparently the vet and my boss believe isolation is a cruel but kind way to improve his recouperation. If Patch moves around too much he takes skin off his feet and the situation gets worse, hence his isolation. I took the cat to the vet and he is pleased with his progress and believes he ought to make a full recovery. There is a slim chance he may not but we won't know for some time. The vet bandaged his paws and he can get around better now so we let him out into the shop where he has people contact.
For your information, Tiger snakes are one of the most venomous in the world and yet apparently cats are so resilient, they rarely die from the bite providing medical attention is fairly promt.
Once again thanks for your attention and we look forward to future contact.
We reckon thecatsite is great.
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I'm glad Patch is doing better and that he's out of isolation.

Isn't it incredible that cats are resilient to such a poisionous snake? I bet you also have the opposite, where cats are more sensitive to some poisons than humans.

I hope you keep coming here - you're more than welcome to just come over and chat on any subject you like. I'd love to hear more about where you live. Could you maybe start a thread about it in the lounge?
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