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IcelandPet pates by ifex- all 3 are imported and are grain free - salmon pate, trout pate, and cod liver pate.

By Nature - both organic and all natural canned and pouch foods..I am more familiar with the pouches...no grains, but they are produced for this american company in China, using ingredients to their specifications and packaged in a as I recall from an earlier statement by them, a well rated/inspected plant. I know the food is well respected, though what does that mean these days? Most important to me, the by nature pouches are free of wheat, corn, rice..the only non-protein ingredient is starch.

Addiction pet foods - a newer line of foods made in New Zealand and Australia, here is a link: http://www.addictionfoods.com/usa/products.php
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Thanks for the update. I already changed foods. One of my cats did not care much for the Castor & Pollinex. All three like the evo.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
FROMMS ... May be made in CHINA??
Fromm does make their wet food in China. I used to have a statement they released about why they chose that site; had to do with [paraphrasing here] couldn't find a plant up to their standards, so they chose a plant in China that manufactures food for humans, and is inspeced by their company as well as Canadian inspectors.
It used to be on a link from the Howl 911 site, but isn't there anymore, since they sized down the info on the company and only include certain points of it now. If I do happen to find it somewhere I will edit to add the direct quote. I thought hard about this one- but decided to go ahead and try it, and it turns out my cat will eat it...so I just keep a close watch on it. I do believe it is grain free, if I can remember right.
For what it is worth, I have been keeping notes on different companies- tidbits about the food, info I learn about the company, their association with manufacturers, etc., how my cat responds to the food if I have tried it before, etc. Not sure the exact use of it yet, but it has been helpful keeping things together, for myself at least.
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My email reply from Solid Gold:

"Thank you for your email. Our dry cat food is manufactured by Diamond
Pet Foods. Our chicken canned cat food is manufactured by Blue Sky Pet
Foods in Texas. Our Blended Tuna canned cat food is manufactured at a
human tuna cannery in Thailand. The only ingredient in our dry cat food,
Katz-n-Flocken that is not sourced from the US, is the lamb meal, which
is from New Zealand. Our canned chicken cat food contains 100% US
ingredients. The tuna canned food contains ingredients from the US and
asia (fish).

"We are in the process of receiving letters from our manufacturers
guaranteeing they have never adulterated our foods with any ingredients
not included in our specific formulations. We will post these letters on
our website when they are available. We also randomly test product for

"We removed garlic from our cat foods when the information concerning the
relationship between garlic and hemolytic anemia became known. "
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Thank you Sharky and Misty 8723 for all the research and updating you are doing! Sharky, I don't know how you keep up with all this, but it is much appreciated. My home pc is dial-up and I was truly panicked and frustrated yesterday when I pulled up the main recall link to find new recalls. I couldn't scroll through all the new information and links fast enough to see what was new and what is safe. This thread is very helpful. It narrows things down a bit.

I have to feed dry food as well as wet because my male Brandon will eat only a little wet food. I am in the process of switching to CA Natural dry. I'm also giving them Natural Instincts grain free as a treat to see how they do with it. But, their canned food of choice has been Natural Balance, which I am becoming very uneasy about. I want to try Evangers canned. Is it pate style? That's the only kind they will eat. If so, I will order some. Thanks!
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Evangers is Pate style. My two will eat it, but I don't think it's their favorite. They really do like the Natural Balance - and I have a whole box full that I boxed up after the last recall. I'm on the fence about feeding it to them. Having a hard time getting Cindy to eat much wet again, she was doing pretty good with the NB, Spa Select, and Evangers in rotation. Had to take away both NB and Spa Select. Her poor little tummy doesn't know (or like) what's been going on.
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Thank you! I guess I will give Evangers a try next. I know what you mean about their little tummies. I had one can of Evo on my shelf, gave that to Kabou last evening. She ate it, but refused it this morning, so I gave in and fed her NB turkey & giblets. She then proceeded to upchug a huge amount about 4 times and of course the first thing I am thinking is that it's the NB!
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I hope Kabou is okay! Maybe I will hold off on feeding them any NB based on that. I sure wish we could trust these companies to tell us the truth.
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