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Rooster Problem

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Okay, well I have a problem, one I am home sick today with the flu, throwing up.
The sencond problem is the roosters. For the time we've had them they have never chased us, always been friendly,and moe you could pet at night. But inthe last two weeks they have started chasing us. (its mainly curly, but larry has once, and moe never has) The first time we just let it go. But after the sencond time, (btw its just me and my sister they chase too) we made a pen with shelter for them, and they had to stay in there. But one time a guinea got in there (and they are so dumb, he flew over the fence to get in, but forgot that he can fly out) so inorder to get him out we had to let all of themout to get the guinea out. They tried to chase us then, (and they peck you too) b ut we got them back in.
Well in the early morning or late last night all three of them got out. I know Moe won' t hurt me, but its not him that I'm worried about. Because my sister went out there earlier this mornign, and she didnt realize that they were out. And she got chased and pecked around the entire farm for about 15 minutes. I was in the shower, so I didn't hear her screaming. She did nothing to provoke him, but he hurt her anyway. She still went to schhool, because she wants perfect attendance, but she was crying, and I could have killed him right then.
My problemis that I have to get outside to feed and water all of my animals, but I don't know how I am going ot make it past them, without getting pecked. It wouldnt' be a problem if I wasn't the only one home. But I am. So does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? The only thing I can think of is to take a broom with me, but I don't want to hurt them or anything. And I don't have any corn to throw so he goes and eats that, because its stored in the garage, and some in the barn, and right now he is right infront of the garage guarding it and it looks like the other one is in the barn. It wouldn't do me anygood to run fromthemeither, because they always seem to catch up tome. Or isn't far behind.
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I grew up on a farm and had the same problem.

We always had a broom in the chicken coup door as they would come after us kids when we went into get the eggs.

My Dad used to always make noise so they would not come near him.

I would just shoo them away with the broom after awhile they caught on.
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See well the three we have in our chicken coop (not the roosters i'm talking about) are fine with us taking our eggs. They are very friendly and will not hurt you or go near you when you are in there. And if they did, they are very small (they are bantams). So they couldnt' do much damage, but the other ones we have a big.
And we have tried shooing them with the broom, and they keep coming after us. Because apparently a broom waving at them doesnt scare them.

So well I figured that Imight as well try and go out there, andI was planning on bringing the dogs with me. But the roosters are AT MY DOOR! One of them is at the sliding door to my deck and the other one is at the kitchen door.
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How old are the roosters? Sounds like they are just maturing and starting to know they are male and about territory. I've never had to deal directly with chickens/roosters, but a broom would come in handy.

Roosters and male ducks/geese can get pretty mean!
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Are these by chance.....Red Islands or Red Rockys? I can't remember for sure what breed they are but this breed gets really aggressive once they are older. We had some that started out chasing us and just being jerks. Then when I was 15 one attacked me and I had 3 stitches under my eye and two other cuts above and below my eye!!! Roosters can be evil if their breed is an aggressive or territoral bred. There are lots of other breeds out there that make perfect pets. A lot of the fancy roosters and hens are friendly. That's mostly what we have on our farm now. White Giants are also a lot of fun to raise. The fancy hens will actually let us pet them while they are laying on their eggs!
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I'm not sure of their breed. But they sure seem to be getting agressive, and its really nice when they are in their pen, so I don't have to deal withthem. I think we are possibly getting rid of them.
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i have never been on a farm for longer than a day and have never really dealt with them so my solution probably isn't the best but i would shoot the little...*clears throat* jerks. lol. i am suburbia raised and i like my animals quiet, well mannered and nice. lol. and if i either couldn't shoot them or i didn't have a gun, i know lots of hunters and people who do. lol.
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Hmmmm roast rooster by end of the month????
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Hmmmm roast rooster by end of the month????
Yeah well I was really thinking about that. But we sold them at the swap meet, so now we dont have to deal with them. I'm guessing they were so mean because they probably werent' properly socialized when they were chicks.
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That would be why, I'm making sure that my 25 chicks, get alot of attention. I don't want to ever have to have roosters like this again.
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