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Has it been storming a lot where everyone else lives? It stormed here pretty much all day yesterday with a lot of rain. Last night I fell asleep to boom, light, drip drip drip. It was storming and raining really hard and our ceiling in the bedroom was leaking pretty bad.

I want this weather to stop. We have a bad roof (just havent had the time or weather yet to get it fixed) and when it rains a lot it leaks in a bunch of different spots. We have got about 45mm of rain in 2 days, not including the ton of rain that has come down in the last 9 hours.
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It was a yucky day here yesterday too. No storms but just a drizzly day. I hope you can get your roof fixed soon!
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It's been kind of drizzling a bit, yesterday and today, but so far no big storms. The weather channel predicts thunderstorms for anytime today between now and around 5pm. I like thunderstorms, though, so I'm okay with that.
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Rain...Storms....whats that lol. Seriously its not raining here and hasn't in like 2 months or more. And we have way to many wild fires burning to close to home for me.
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It rained quite a bit by me yesterday. The roof at my work started leaking last night. Someone was supposed to come in this morning to fix the problem. Last night I left a really large empty garbage can under the leak. There were some bad storms pretty close by where I live but they missed us.
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We had a storm this morning but it seems to have passed.
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It's been really boring wetaher here, the other day (i think it was about wednesday) we had rain, then it was really hot and sunny, then last night we had thunderstorms, and today it's been cold but sunny.

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We've had rain the past few days. I think today is the last day and then the sun comes back out

I personally prefer thunderstorms though...they're more exciting.
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it rained the day before yesterday, and then yesterday and it did take a break and then poured at about 2 am, and then today it is about to rain (its been drizzling off and on for a little bit) But its been windy

What happened to the nice warm sunny weather
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Yeppers! Been storming here all week pretty much. Today was just cloudy and kinda cooler. I hope the rain and cooler weather is gone for awhile now.
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It hasn't really been that bad here..raining yes..but not really stormy.
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