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I'm sorry.

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I am new here. I got online tonite because I needed to find somewhere to vent my feelings. I am a cat lover. I have had cats since before I can remember, and as soon as I can I will have another. I recently got divorced and had to leave behind my two babies (cats) with my ex wife. I left them with her because they will have a better life there, in that house. I sure miss them though.

I recently took a new job (Deputy Sheriff) in a county far from my home. I am new here and I am going to get another kitty soon. But, after tonite it might be a while. This is kind of a sad story, and it is not for the faint-of-heart. Tonite (a couple hours ago) I was driving home from up north. I came around a corner and there in my lane was a big grey kitty. I had no time to react. I tried to stop but I just couldn't get to the brakes quick enough. The next thing I know I heard a loud bang and I knew I had hit that poor thing. I pulled over and told myself that I didn't want to see that poor kitty laying in the road, but I needed to go back to check and see if I could help it. I turned back and there was the cat laying in the road. I got out to see if I could maybe get it some help, and possibly save it, but it was obviously injured beyond help. I didn't want to leave it there, cause it was still barely breathing. So I took it to the side of the road, went and got my undercover pistol and put him out of his misery. I feel completely horrible. I love cats, I can't believe that this happned. I feel bad that I hit him, and I feel bad that I had to end his life. I know he was just suffering, but still I think it would be easier for me to shoot a person than shoot a cat.

Hopefully God forgives me for this. Please if you read this pray for that big grey beautiful kitty. I hope God accepts him into His kingdom and gives him endless catnip mouses to play with. I'm so sorry kitty, please forgive me.
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God doesn't have to forgive you because you did nothing wrong.

Please don't let this stop you from adopting kitties...I'm sure there are lots of kitties in need who would love to live with you!
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I am so sorry this happened to you and that poor kitty. I am sure from reading your post that you did what was merciful, as hard as it was. I hope you find a kitty to share your life with soon, and that you will continue to join us here on TCS.
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Hello and welcome. It was not your fault, you did everything you could to avoid this. RIP sweet grey kitty. Play happily at RB.
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This must have been an incredibly painful decision for you, being a cat lover as you are. When others may have driven on never giving a thought to what had happened, you made the caring, responsible choice and turned around. Bless the beautiful kitty, she is in Heaven today, and she has no ill feelings for the tragedy that occurred. Welcome to our site, albeit it under difficult circumstances. We hope you'll stay with us to make new, brighter memories.
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What an awful thing to happen That little angel will fully understand that you didn't do it on purpose, and he'll be grateful that you didn't let him suffer

I hope that you will open your home to another cat or two soon to ease the pain of the ones you had to leave with your ex

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Im sorry you had to go through this,

You put the cat out of its misery,It is hard im sure.

Take Care!
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Rest in Peace, sweet grey kitty. I am sure you will be missed.
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I'm sorry you had to go through that. RIP grey kitty.
Welcome to TCS, I hope you can stick around.
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Just be thankful that you had the training and the ability to do what had to be done. The cat suffered as little as possible because of your actions. It was still awful for you, but you should not feel guilty about it - the reverse in fact.
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You must feel awful! But, you cannot hate yourself too much. Many would've left the cat there for the next person to hit. You ended that kitties pain. S/He is now playing happily over the rainbow bridge.
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its hard man, when you are person that likes animals.
long ago, i had a fluffy white kitty run out in front of my car, there as no way i could have stopped in time. But at least when i got out the poor thing had already crossed over. You did what you had to do. No one or nothing is going to hate for that.

Dont let a mistake stop you from getting some new little furry thing,
there are lots of animals out there that need a home with someone to care and love them.
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Oh my! What a sad sad story. I can't beleive you had to go through that. That could have happened to any one of us..hitting the cat I mean. You were able to put it out of its misery, and for that, that kitty soul is thankful.

May the big grey kitty RIP
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This is a sad story but it wasn't your fault, God would never blame you for doing something wrong you did what you had to and at least The Grey Kitty did not have to lay there and suffer, Bless your Heart for having the Heart to do that. I will pray that that Grey kitty is crossing the Rainbow Bridge where he will be Healthy and Happy and he will be waiting to tell you "Thanks for what you did" and he may bring you a Cat nip mouse as a reward just to show you that he was thinking of you also. Bless your Heart .Please if you need to talk this is a great place with loads of help we are always glad to talk...

And By The Way

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As difficult as it was, you did a good thing. It takes a lot of courage to do what is best for the animal instead of what makes us feel best.

Please do adopt soon. The world needs more humane humans such as you.

RIP kitty.
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I'm so sorry. I do hope you check in to see the posts left by our other members for you. I know you must feel just horrible. I have hit a couple of squirrels that ran out in front of me and it's just such an awful feeling. You can drive very safely but when they just dart out there is nothing that can be done.
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I know that must have felt horrible. I hit a grackle once on the highway going 60 mph. I had just driven over on top of it as it was trying to fly up. It may have only been a grackle, but it was still a little thing. I felt horrible.
Sometimes when they just run out, there is nothing you can do and it's not your fault. It's no one's fault and some times we just don't understand why things happen the way they do.
You should not feel guilty. You went back and did what was best for that kitty. As hard as it was to do, you still were caring enough to not to let it suffer, or worse, let it get run over until it was impounded into the ground. That's what really makes me mad. When no one cares enough to go back and check or even move the poor thing so it doesn't get run over again.
I hope you will consider adopting some special kitties that need a special home. You are a good person and obviously love cats. Don't change who you are because of this unfortunate event. I hope to see you around the forums!
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My condolences to you at this difficult time

RIP grey kitty

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What a horribly painful thing for you to have to go through! But know that you put the poor sweetie out of her misery. Rest peacefully, honey, and play happily over the bridge.
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What an awful experience! But you mustn't blame yourself or feel guilty. To start with, the reason critters get killed on the road is that they get themselves in situations like that, where a driver just has no chance to avoid hitting them. You couldn't have helped that. But then, you did the right thing. You went and saw to the kitty, and did what had to be done for it. That took a great deal of courage, and the kitty is now waiting for you at the bridge, and will be looking down gratefully at the human who cared enough to end its suffering.

Please be gentle with yourself, and please, as soon as it's practical, bring a little furperson into your life -- it will find with you a wonderful home -- I'm sure of it.
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I am so sorry you had to go through that . Making a choice like that is hard. Just know that you did the right thing. You did it because you love cats. You did it because you care enough to know when the right thing needs to be done. Please know that you are not alone, we have all had to make choices that can be hard but in the end you did what was right for the little one.

RIP Sweet little grey kitty

Hugs to you for what you did

You will be alright and please adopt soon, your heart will need it.


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