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Changing Litter - Asking Advice

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Greetings fellow cat slaves

I am currently using Feline Pine pellets and I live in a fairly small apartment, which means the smell is absolutely necessary to control.

I love the Feline Pine in that it doesn't stink at all, but what I don't like about it is all that sawdust. It always seems messy to me and I am considering trying something different.

Do you guys have any advice on a new type of litter that controls odors (I clean out the solids every day) and is a little easier to manage, not to mention cheaper?

Also, when/if I do find one I'd like to try.. how do I transition the litter? Will she use it if I just flat out change it to the new kind, or is it like food where I must gradually change?

She doesn't seem to be an overly finicky cat..

Thanks in advance
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I live in a small apt. the litter box is in the utility room. I've found that Special Kitty litter from wal-mart has crystals, is for multiple cats and costs about $6.69 for a 28# bag. This is a maroon bag. I've tried others that were more expensive for less litter and to me this is the best. It clumps easy, scoops easy and you don't need to replace all of it just add more to it. It also controls odor. I'd start just by gradually adding to what you're using and soom it will be all the new litter and your kitty will accept it.
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I live in a one bedroom apt with three cats and two litter boxes that I clean every day. I use Scoop Away for multiple cats. I can get 40lbs. for less than $20 at Petsmart. It clumps very well and keeps the odor way down.
When I changed over litters, I only put a couple of clumps from the old litter on top of the new litter and the cats figured it out from there. Then again, mine aren't that picky.
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I think you're gonna find a lot of different opinions. I purr-sonally LOVE the A&H High performance. It's $6.69 for 7 lbs, so is pricey. I mix it with Swheat scoop(which is $20 for 40 lbs). I dunno....I really like it & it's natural. The A&H controls odors, too.
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Hey Jenny,

I just switched to Arm and Hammer Super Scoop litter last month, and I have had zero odor issues since the switch-over. I'm really impressed with it.
I don't remember how much it cost in the store, but Petco's website has it listed as $15/30lb box.

I didn't use any transition method, I just switched the litter one day. Smokey definitely explored it a lot the first day (She sat outside the box the whole day and poked at it with her paw, lol) but she didn't have any problem using it.

Good luck!
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Thanks for all the advice!

I went out and bought a 40 pound bag of Swheat Scoop. I LOVE the clumping! It is so simple to clean her box now.. I'll never go back to non-clumping!

As for the odor.. I have noticed a tiny bit more, but nothing substantial. I added a bit of baking soda and swirled it around in the litter and now don't smell a thing (using the Booda Dome too). I have to keep the litter box in the dining area (which we don't use often) or the living room, I have no utility room or anything like that, but if I keep it clean no one seems to even notice where it is.

I may mix it with the Arm and Hammer eventually if the smell becomes noticeable.

Oh and as for the transitioning.. I put about 3 inches of the Swheat Scoop in the box, then added a few handfuls of Feline Pine (the old stuff) and she instantly figured it out. I'm so proud of her
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