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Sore Throat Rememdies?

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I've got a sore throat, but not bad enough to go to the dr. What can I do to make it go away? The throat sprays, etc make me vomit. So I can't use those.

I've been "suffering" with two pints of Ben & Jerry's tonight. I had a coupon for $1 off two of them, so I couldn't let one get lonely in the freezer!
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hehe the ben & jerry sounds good,
hmm how about some tea with honey, to help
you could also get some zinc stuff from the drug store for colds, they help me
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Is it your tonsils?

Things to do for a sore throat:

1. Gargle with warm salty water several times per day
2. Drink warm, not hot fluids. Tea with lemon and honey is soothing.
3. Cold items like ice or popcicles help sooth/numb
4. Eat soft foods and avoid scratchy type foods like toast
5. Avoid ice cream or dairy because they tend to increase the production of mucous and that can be irritating to the throat especially when in the form of post nasal drip.

If it lasts more than a few days, go to your doctor because sore throats are usually there as a result of something...trauma or infection.
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I woke up with a little bit of a sore throat this morning too. Hope we're not catching anything
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Some hot tea with honey and lemon always helps me with this. I hope you feel better soon.
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Try getting Throat Coat at your grocey store, its a thick sweet herbal tea that if mixed with honey does very well for these kinds of things
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Alternate the warm salty gargle with 50/50 solution of hydrogen perroxide and water. Your throat will fill 100 times better in a day. total gargles would be about 4 or 5. definitely first thing in the am, and before you go to bed./
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I like the Riccola cough drops. They don't taste like medicine. I think its cherry honey that I get.
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Did I pass my sore throat onto you?? I think any of the suggestions will work-I sip on tepid water and avoid OJ. Maybe sucking on lifesavers or other hard candy??
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I swear by thera-flu when I am sick. They make a PM lemon sore throat formula (can't remember exactly what its called). I drink it before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning I feel great!!! Plus, it doesn't taste bad when you use the right amount of water and it's very soothing!! Feel better
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Buckley's works for us, even if it's the nastiest stuff ever. But you said sprays and stuff make you sick.. the only real suggestions I have are Fisherman's Friends and that. Usually when I have a sore throat I take lots of hot baths too. Hope you're feeling better soon!
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I'm gonna have to go out & buy a bucnh of stuff to try. Ben & jerry's is wearing off & I feel fat. That can't be my total solution!
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A hot cup of tea (i like cinnamon apple spice) with honey, sugar, a slice of lemon and a slice of orange in it always helps me
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Well, my grandma and my mom used to make this stuff for me whenever I had a sore throat, but I'm pretty sure you won't like it and a lot of people here will think it's strange and gross (I don't really understand it myself but I still drank it every time )

Basically you get some Coke and boil it with a bunch of dried lemon peels. Then you put a little bit of honey in it so it's not super bitter or whatever. And drink it hot!!

I know it sounds weird!! It's probably the same kind of idea everyone else here had with the tea and stuff
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What about extra strong halls? They always work for me..maybe they would make you sick though?
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Have you tried a Hot Toddy? In a cup fill about 1/4 whiskey, add honey and lemon and then heat it up in microwave and spoon it down. It does seem to help.
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Sucking on ice cubes helps too! Are you feeling any better?
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I've been drinking some tea junk we've got....but I won't be anywhere to get anything useful to help my sore throat until tomorrow when I go to the shelter. My throat's not as bad, but don't ask me how many Dum Dum pops I've been sucking on today!
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GSE. Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Tastes awful, about the most bitter thing you'll ever taste in your life. But it works wonders. For sore throat, don't have to drink it, just gargling is enough.
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