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Mirror kitty is brought presents

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Kinda long story here...

Junebug, our two year old, is fascinated with her reflection in the fireplace glass doors. She thinks it is another friendly cat since it touches her nose when she gets close. She has seen the inside of the fireplace, when open, and knows it is large enough to hold or trap a cat, but is closed most of the time.

OK, and cute so far, right? But now the story gets creepy. Lately she has been capturing live multi-legged bugs in the basement, brings them up into the living room (still live) in her mouth, and drops them just in front of the fireplace doors - the bug scurries into the fireplace under the doors.

Is she feeding her friendly trapped cat who can't get out of the fireplace?
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I have no idea, but it sounds cute.

My Scampi Marie talks to herself in the mirror
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Aw! Scampie is trying to make a friend. Cats can be social when they want to be.

We keep telling her "That's just you!" Not that it really helps. She is just as stymied with other mirrors around the house.

Sad that they don't understand who the reflection is. If she actually thinks the kitty in the fireplace is probably hungry, and acts upon that thought, then we have a genius cat. And if that is true, then the fireplace cat is probably troubling her with its predicament. And that troubles me thinking about her thinking about the fireplace cat.
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awww.........how sweet, she is very thoughtful maybe its an alien talking to her and asking for food
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