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How do you handle difficult vet trips?

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The truth is with Jordan every vet visit is difficult. Tonight however, was much worse. He had to have several procedures (he was super consitpated & had Mega Colon). So I was sitting in the exam room & they had him in back. He was screaming & I almost started to cry. I know they weren't hurting him, but I also know he was making that noise becuase he was afraid. I just wish I could be there for him, but I know I can't. So on top of the stress of waiting to find out how constipated my baby was, I had to hear him making that horrible noise . It's all over, but I just don't know what to do for next time? So I need suggestions for how to ge through that.
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Truthfully, if he is that stressed out about going to the vet, you may want to call ahead of time and see if you can get some valium. We give it to our one cat sometimes (she also has to take phenobarbial for seizures) but 1/4 of a 5mg dose calms her down. Or see if there is another milder setative they could prescribe. If they are doing blood work, that may cause a problem but see what they can do. If they know its in their blood it may be fine.

I know what you mean about the sounds. But, the vet and vet-techs would probably be happier if she was a little calmer, so its an option.

Good luck!
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To be honest- since i'm a vet tech- it REALLY helps a lot now as far as my nerves go when my animals have to have something done becuase for the most part i know exactly what's going on -and in many cases have preformed the same procedures on our shelter animals or even my own (drawing blood, catheters, iv's, tests,etc...) so since i normally know what's going on and all of our vets are great friends with me- i am the one who normally preforms all minor procedures on my animals with the vet there to help if i need it- i feel better that way and my animals trust me so it helps keep them less stressed. My suggestion to you would be to get to your apointment early and set aside a time to have a Q & A time with your vet- ask them EVERYTHING you want to know- ask what the procedure entails, why it's necessary, how it's done- etc...the more informed you are, the more comfortable you will be. IF you are in the dark about something involving your loved one (in this case your pet) of course you're going to worry/be stressed more. So find out as much as you can before hand- any good vet would take the time to do that for you You can always ask your Vet Tech too many are very kind and will walk you through it as well- sometimes if it's minor you can sit in. For surgeries involving my furbabies, i usually scrub in and assist...(i feel better keeping a personal eye over them.) Since that's not an option for you- i would definitely go ahead and ask away- the more you know, the more you will be prepared for what's going to happen
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