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Kinsey Update

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She is due approx may 5th... I still cant feel much movement or at least anything that screams out Kitten Movement when I touch her belly... I *think* i may have felt it but who knows? shes doing well... chubby and grooming alot. Maybe im off on my dates? I did see her mate on March 1st... maybe she didnt become pregnant then and it was later? I dont know. she is eating EVERYTHING in site though. she is a small cat so i am thinking 2 or 3 kits max
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From what I can remember, I don't think they move around in there all that much. I could be wrong though. Someone with more experience should be around to help
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I started feeling Sasha's kittens almost 2 weeks ago, it started out feeling almost like little "bubbles", then moved to a light fluttering feeling, and now I can distinctly feel body parts and they move a LOT. She's due anytime.
I started feeling Missy's kittens yesterday I think, but she wouldn't let me even try to feel movement before then so maybe I could have felt it sooner if she'd have let me. They move around almost as much as Sasha's do. I think she's due around May 10th but I really have no idea since she came to me already pregnant and of course I didn't see her mate.
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I actually saw her mate on march 1st I was coming home and she was being dragged all around the yard by a HUGE tom cat, he was having his way with her and my husband and i tried to grab him off her but he was so mean, Very feral!! Then Kinsey wouldnt let us near her... she wanted to stay with him... she took off and came back a week later. It was just awful!!! I guess time will tell when she will have these babies!
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i have just started feeling fluffys kittens moving and she is due in 13 days , but because of the amount of fur she has there could have been movement before this and i just didnt feel it , as now i can feel the kitten bumbs which seem very big seen as she still has a while to go. sometimes if there only carry a very small litter 1-2 kittens then you might not feel movement untill the last week of pregnancy, but with anne i felt her babys at about 6 weeks pregnant. so it really depends, has she been to a vet to confirm pregnancy , we have had a few members here who was so sure there cat was pregnant but after 10 weeks still no babys then everything going back to normal, so it was a false pregnancy.
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Well first off, Goodluck !
And when tasha had said that its possible to have a false pregnancy, I just remembered that I read an article on that the smorning. Here it is:
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I have never expierienced that with a cat But my Maggy(Border Collie)Has had one.

Take her to the vet?A DNA blood test is cheaper than an ultrasounds in case you are wondering.

You should be able to feel something.
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Good luck with teh rest of Kinsey's pregnancy! Thats good she is eating a lot....building up her strength for those kittens!

So I guess from next week we're all on Kinsey baby watch lol.
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