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4 New Charlie Pics

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Till we go to the show and take pics, here's 3 new Charlie pictures - playing with Keno

Catching Keno's tail:

And my fav: Whispering Secrets
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Awww!!! His color is so... brown! Like a orangey-brown... I love it! The last pic is my favorite too.
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Aww you're heading is deceiving, teasing us by saying 4 when there's only 3

Keno and Charlie are of course both gorgeous

I got some pics of Demetri with Ben the Border Collie the other day. Ben was wearing his leash and Demetri was chasing it around the house.
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There was supposed to be 4 But one link didn't work - will have to recheck it and add it in - didn't have time last nite.
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Charlie.. you are a handsome little devil! Of course I am sure you know how handsome you are
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I am seeing spots, lotsa spots, er, I mean oci spots. Charlie is beautiful, and the last picture is adorable. You just have to worry what they are plotting, as it looks serious, according to Charlies facial expression. There may be a conspiracy to overthrow the ruling of the home, Charlie is taking charge, as Keno as his right hand lab.
Wonderful pictures, and he does have a unique coloring, I think you have mentioned chocolate before. Just beautiful!!
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Charlie, is it just me, or are you getting more and more handsome all the time? I think you're just spottylicious!!!! ~ Sadie
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I love the one with the dog
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Actually ALL of them are with the dog (Keno) - but I'm assuming you mean the "Secrets" one
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Love the pictures. Charlie is really becoming a beautiful/handsome young mane.
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YAY Charlie pics

U are just getting soo GORGEOUS, well even more gorgeous ! That last pic tho is soo PRECIOUS they are just such cuties
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