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Paint safety

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This is a relly dumb question, for something really dumb that I want to do...

Sooo, I got this great deal at a petstore the other day on a hard carrier, it was on clearance because the line is discontinued or something. Anyway, I wanted a hard sided one since I've moved a good distance from the vet, so if we're going to be in the car for that long, I just like knowing that she may be just a smidge safer then in the soft sided bag thing (even if it is a little cuter...heh).

This crate is kinda ugly....well, plain is more like it. Just off-white. So...I have alllllll this acrylic paint (used to work in a craftstore as well as teaching few classes), and this crate is like an open canvas to my bored mind, sitting right in front of me. Would it ever be a possible danger to paint the outside of it?

I know it's silly and totally unnecessary...but I can't help it
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As long as the paint says "non-toxic" on it and its on the outside and you make sure its totally dry before the cats get around or in it, I think it would be fine.

I just got done painting a picture on a mirror and had to lock up the cats till it was dry so they would not get paint on them.
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