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Dog lover gets her first kitten. . .

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and falls in love!

I am the very proud owner of a new little rescue kitty named Peppercorn (Pepper for short). He's 5 months old, and I've had him for 4 days now. So far Pepper is really the best kitty I have ever been around. He has so much personality packed into such a tiny little body it's just impossible not to love him!

I also have a 9 month old great dane named Bella. I have always been a dog lover primarily, but liked cats as well. Over the past few months my boyfriend and I happened to meet some pretty amazing cats and kitties and decided that we really wanted to add one to our home. We weren't sure about the cat-dog situation, but were hoping that a kitten would be able to get used to the BIG goofy dane eventually. Pepper is smaller than Bella's head so the sight of them together is too funny!

I am very glad to join this site, and will have many questions as a first time cat owner I'm sure. Also will have to keep everyone updated on how Bella and Pepper are getting along - right now they only get supervised interaction and Pepper lets the dog sniff her more and more each time.
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We look forward to seeing more of him and bella!
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What a cute kitty!

I was a raised dog person, but have officially become cat crazy. I still love dogs, but cats are so different than dogs. Not better, per se, just different. I would think a Dane would be a great companion, my uncle had two and they were the most gentle dogs I have ever known. Wouldn't intentionally hurt a flea.

Please, feel free to ask any and all questions you may have. We would love to keep updated on how Pepper and Bella are getting along, and pics of them together just sound too cute!
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Cutie...... thanks for the photo!

(post more pictures!!!):tounge2:
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Thank you all! I have two more pics of Pepper at the moment that I thought I'd share since everyone here seems to just LOVE photos! :tounge2:

Tonight I'm going to finally get some pics of Bella (the 115lb. great dane puppy) and Pepper together which should be a riot! After 5 days they are finally ok to at least be in the same room together and get along. It's so cute when Pepper lets Bella sniff her because she ends up lifting the kitty up on her big ole nose and the kitty is just looking around like "what the $%*@ is going on?!" The amazing thing is you'd think Bella would rule the house, but the kitty has already established that he's boss and is going to play by his own rules!

So where should I continue to post pictures after this?
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Oh, so I can only post one picture at a time?? Hmmm, well there goes my idea of posting lots of pics!!! Just kidding - I'll just have to be more selective. I'm a huge photo person, and so I take millions of pics of my pets.

If anyone is interested in seeing my Bella here is a link to *some* (hehe) pictures of her:

Oh, and another pic of Pepper too!
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That is one small problem with the pics, only being able to attach one at a time, but you get used to it. Thanks for sharing more, though. Pepper is so adorable!

Bella is a BIG puppy!! Actually, most everyone with mixed households has said the same thing...the cats rule. And they say how funny it is to see a big ol' dog back down from a less than 10 pound kitty. LOL

Check out The Cat Lounge. That's where we chat about everything and is a great place to get to know each other. That's also where most of the picture sharing takes place, since it is the busies place on the board.
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I love your cats colouring!I'm sure he's quite the character.

Enjoy your stay in our little corner of cyberspace!

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ohhhh... very very pretty!
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I agree with Heidi (valanhb) that in a mixed household, cat rule. My brother and sister-in-law have two dogs, Shabba (mixed pit bull-boston terrier) and Boh (boston terrier). Shabba was the king of the roost, until Jane adopted a kitten, Natalie. From what I hear, Natalie has Shabba and Boh wrapped around her little paw.

BTW, Pepper is an absolute cutie! Hope to hear more from you!

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Hi everyone. Thanks for your nice comments! I agree that Pepper is adorable! And definitely quite a character!

I posted a bunch of photos of him and Bella (the dane) over in the other forum.

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Peppercorn is a great name - I have a Pepperpot! What a little sweety he is and of course he is the boss!
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he's a darling!
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Well now we've have two fun-filled weeks with Pepper and we're still having a ball getting him and Bella to be friends! I think now we're a little overprotective of Pepper and we really don't need to be. Every single time I think Bella is trying to "play" to rough with him and I seperate them and make Bella lay down in another room, within minutes Pepper is right next to Bella swatting her tail or trying to climb on her. . . so I guess I shouldn't be worried too much, huh?!
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Pepper is one of the prettiest cats I've seen! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of him and Bella together. I think you're wise to supervise the two. Bella seems to be very gentle., but is so large she could hurt Pepper without meaning to. Poor Bella is going to have to learn how to be almost completely submissive, because a kitten is a little dickens when it comes to play! Pepper could wrap his little claws around a sensitive nose and Bella might react instinctively. I have a large Collie who is completely submissive towards my cats, so I think they'll be fine. Just be cautious for a while.
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There are some pics of Pepper and Bella in the ophoto album link shown above, a few posts up. Definately worth a look!!

Wow, Bella sure has grown! That is so sweet, I'm so glad they are getting to be friends!

A little update for you guys, I recently added a Dane puppy, fawn like Bella, to my house (with 2 kitties). I suppose rather than mooching on this thread I should start my own!
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