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Cat Macros!

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I did a search for other threads but didn't find one. A cat macro is basically a funny cat photo with a funny caption (usually very badly spelled) on it. You've probably seen a lot of these online.

Anyway I figured it'd be fun if we had a thread where we'd collect the ones we make ourselves. There are so many adorable cats here that it should't be hard.

So to kick start things off here are two with Nikita.

so come on and add your own!
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Very cute! The second pic is so funny!
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that is just too cute

What a great idea I will have to contribute tomarrow tho

BTW Nikita is just soo GORGEOUS
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the toes one is adorable! Louie used to have such a thing for toes & ankles!
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LOL! Those are great! I'll have to do a few and post them later!
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Thought this was quite appropriate because Ben 'owns' his Daddy!!!
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OMG!!! these are great! I love those ones that are on the web
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