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Is anyone going to watch the Democratic debate tonight?
We haven't decided if we're going to watch it or not.

On another note, does anyone else think this is WAY early for a debate?
Maybe they always have them this early and I've just never noticed before.

*To the mods, I put this post here in IMO because I know politcal posts can get just a little to heated for "The Cat Lounge" at times. If you think it should be moved I understand*
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Probably. There's no better sport than political primaries. While I do follow politics closely, I try not to get too wrapped up in it. However, there is nothing more amusing to me than watching candidates snipe at each other. I've been thoroughly impressed in the past with some of the strategic maneuvering that goes on. Also, Howard Dean didn't deserve to die that political death over his scream. Sad, but oh, so funny. I hope we top that this year.
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i wanted to watch it, but don't get the channel it was broadcast on.
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Well, we WERE going to watch it...in fact we saw the first 10 minutes which was really nothing more than the introductions.
My In-Laws came over so that was the end of watching the debate.
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There's no better sport than political primaries.
So true, that.

We watched. There were too many candidates and too little time, so it was kind of like the Democratic Debate: Cliff Notes Version. It'll get better when some of the no-way-in-h*ll guys are gone and the REAL candidates can go at it.

Republican Debate is next Thursday, we'll be watching that, too.
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I wanted to watch it, but got caught up in chores and didn't have a chance. I never really noticed a debate this early, but then again, I didn't have a reason to learn about politics until recently.
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