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Serial Cat Killer in Denver Area

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This is so sad. Actually the title is misleading...there have been 9 cats, 2 pet bunnies, and a few squirrels. The Dumb Friends League and the Police are working together to try to stop this sicko. The animals have been found mutilated, they say dismembered with "surgical precision." The killings were all happening in Aurora (east side of Denver) but have now gone into Denver proper. They have done forensic tests on the animals and have apparently found conclusive evidence that all have been killed by the same person/people. I hope that people are getting the word to keep kitty inside, like they have been saying every night on the news for the past few days.

Please keep the animals in Aurora/Denver in your thoughts and prayers. Pray to keep them safe, and that they will catch these sick people soon...
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Oh, my Lord, Heidi. Everyone had better keep their cats indoors. This man has a Jack the Ripper complex, by the sounds of things. He wants attention from the press. This is tragic. It's just too horrible to think of! You live quite close to that area, don't you? Bless those poor little pets.
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This is so horrific. However, I can't tell you how pleased I am that the police are taking this seriously. In most places they would just shrug their shoulders and ignore it because it is "just" animals that are being hurt.

If this person is doing this to animals, just imagine what will happen when he moves to humans.
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I live on the completely opposite side of town, probably 20 miles or so away. Sounds far, but by car it isn't. He's actually left some of the bodies on people's yards, like one that had a cat Halloween decoration and cats painted on their mailbox - obvious cat lovers. You are right, Jeanie, he is like a Jack the Ripper.

Renae, I am also really pleased with how this is being handled. The Aurora police are taking this quite seriously (don't know about Denver, they are pretty inept at even human murders). This has been in the news quite often, and in every report they make a point of saying that this is very serious because it is only a matter of time before this person moves up to human prey.
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This is so tragic and frightening, Heidi, and considering the handling of the Jon Benet case in Boulder, I know what you mean. Find a suspect you like and forget the DNA evidence! Some local police depts. are good, and others are not.
I hope there's resolution soon. You're right; he'll stop getting a thrill out of animals and turn to human beings!
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I don't visit this forum much. It's so sad or heartbreaking - or HORRIBLE. Keeping you and animals there in my prayers!
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I heard a little bit of an update on the news the other night. There have been a total of 14 animal victime (not just cats) since July. They have forensic evidence that definitely links all of the killings to one source. (My thought - WOW! They are really taking this serious if they are looking at forensic evidence in these cases!)

They still have no suspects in the case, but the word is definitely out.
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Fourteen killings! And many more broken hearts. I'm glad the police are taking this seriously. Thanks for the update, Heidi.
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Sad to report, there was an update, and not a good one. Another cat was found. The owners of the cat it in the gutter of their front yard on Thursday morning. Can you imagine the horror? This makes the 11th cat.

They still don't have any suspects, but there is a reward of $11,000 (!) to anyone who can identify or lead investigators to the person who is doing this.

They interviewed one teen girl on the news who said that she thinks it was coyotes who are doing it (with surgical precision. mind you!), and that she saw one "tearing a cat apart." What she described sounded more like a fox than a coyote and she wouldn't even look at the camera. From the way she was acting both Earl and I think she knows who did it. I hope the cops follow up on that wench.
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It certainly sounds suspicious to me, Heidi. I hope they catch this sick person soon-and throw the book at him!
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can anyone tell me if they caught the (&*$(@(&$@ who are doing this??
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They don't even have any suspects yet Stashos. They said that they are getting many phone tips and are following up all of them. Hopefully the bread in the case will come very soon.
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Another reason to keep your precious pets inside.

I hate people.
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