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Look what came in the mail!

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These have finally arrived!

t-shirts for warmer weater or to go under jammies.

And jammies.

My favorite pair

Woohoo! Her green pair of jammies were overworn and were getting ratty. Now I have backup!
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Awww so cute! She has more clothes than I do
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OMG those jammies are the best
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Onesie's for pets, how cute!!
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Oh my goodness those are so precious! She needs some bottoms to go with the shirts, she looks naked, but precious
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They are adorable,Im still waiting on Bandanas with my pups names on them to arrive!
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She looks so cute! I love the jammies!
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The jammies look soooo cute!! Do they have little feet on them too?
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I so love the stiped shirt! I wonder if that comes in my size.... hmmm.....
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ooo those are just the thing to keep a little girlie all warm & cozy - I love the jim-jams with the moons on , sweet she is an adorable one, give her some tummy rubs from us
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Those are really cute!
Is jasmine a chinese crested dog?
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Oh my goodness she is so cute!!! I bet she does get cold being as naked as she is!!! So Cute!
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HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!! I love those jammies!!!! What website did your order those from????? My sister Kimmy has a Chinese Crested named Mac- she would LOVE to find stuff like that to fit him!!! She is too cute!!!
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