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Does anyone here own a Manx?

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Does anyone here own a Manx cat. Someone local to me has 3 kittens she would like to find a home for. She says they are a bobcat siamese mix. But I believe they are probably a Siamese MAnx mix. I emailed her to ask some questions. But till I hear back I figured I would ask ya'll.

So what are some of the good and bad things about Manx. Also what about health problems with them.

Oh and if I do get one with Ping being neutered and all is a male/male or male/female combo better.
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I believe manxes can have hip and back problems because generally their back legs are a bit longer to compensate for the lack of tail, which causes problems for them.

I've never owned one though, and don't know a huge amount about them.

As for which combination is better - I don't think it matters on the sex, it depends on the cat. People say female cats don't get on well together, but our 3 are great friends, our neighbour has a female cat, and the people 3 doors down have a female cat, and they all get on fine when out for walks as well when they see each other.

If your kitty is pretty laidback, he should be fine with a newcomer. If you bring in a kitten as well, it's generally much easier. There's lots of information about on introducing a new kitty, and it has more to do with how you do it and the kitties personalities rather than the sex.

Good luck, and maybe go to the breeders forum and ask there about Manxes - you'll probably get more info there
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We had manx cats when I was a kid. We (my mother and I) always thought they tended to be extra sweet, personality-wise. We never had any unusual health issues with them, though I could see how the hip/back issues that Sarah mentioned make sense.
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we have a manx mix I have so much to say about them and well they are BIG
Also it doesnt matter male/male ect! WE have 4 girls and 2 boys, and well Stormie (our manx, gets along great with all of them!)

I am going to pm u
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