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You wanted photo's of Pip & Sox....You got photo's of Pip & Sox !!

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Welcome to my furbabies Pip & Sox their debut on The Catsite
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How beautiful!!! I'm lost for words....(and that doesn't happen very often!)
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There BEAUTIFUL! And wow - they really are FUR babies!!!!!

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And more......
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Oh! go on then another
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And finally.........
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Well, being new to TCS you might not know about the Caption This forum - but you MUST submit that pic! Send an e-mail to the Cat Site's webmaster, anne@thecatsite.com and attach the pic.

Depending upon how many pics are "in line" in front of you, it generally takes at least several weeks for them to make it into the forum. Go check it out!

Caption This Forum
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Just how we like it...lots and lots of pictures of kitties!! Laurie is right, those would be great for Caption This! Then your babies get to be famous because all the pics and captions become postcards here! Check out the ones we've already done in the Postcards, and the 3 Just For Laughs.
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Thanks for the reply's guys and girls i didn't expect any so soon. I've shown Pip & Sox their pictures on the The Catsite and they didn't seem too bothered... Oh! well...more interested in my pot noodle !!!
And i've sent their pictures to Caption this (thanks LDG) Oh and valanhb you might be lost for words but my husband wasn't when he found out how much he had to pay for them..Tee Hee !
Anyway got to go to bed it's nearly 1am where i'm from...Yawn:sleep3:
I must find a better hobby !!!......NOT.

Bye for now
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Bagpuss - they're SUCH treasures. What beautiful kitties you have! The one with the 2 blue eyes popping up above the table is a classic!

Nice one - thanx for posting them!
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Awww Bagpuss, its really not fair!! I want one!!!! When I see gorgeous Birmans like that I get a lump in my throat!!! I'm SOOOOO jealous!!

They are absolutely beautiful, complete angels Maybe one day I could baby sit them for you!?!?!? Pleeeeeeeease?!??!?!?
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Those pics are priceless! What little cutiepies!
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Hi everyone,
I will remember you when we go on holiday Bodlover, i will bring them down..lol....

Thanks Yola ,yes they are treasures.Sox and those eyes aaahhhhhh............you can see now how he gets round me.

Try to get hubby to post more pics later,he knows he has lost his computer now he has found this site for me
maybe he will buy me a laptop now!!!!!!!

OH....he has suddenly gone deaf..........

Yes adymarie my hubby said they were cute and they would look really nice as a pair of slippers !!! Only joking he loves them more than i do and thats coming from someone who didn't like cats before we got Pip & Sox Men !!!!!
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Oh they are SO adorable! Thanks so much for sharing and a big...
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