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I'm wondering (and I am sure I didn't look hard enough for an answer) what do you all feel about vaccines?

One of our cats is fully vaccinated. Of the rest three had one set of shots, the other two none.

My vet told me she doesn't keep her indoor cats vaccinated (I am friends with my vet, this was not advice... just a comment she made) so I wonder how important is it? I have to keep my dogs up to date (despite the new stuff popping up that vaccines are bad) to take them to obedience class and the groomer and such.

They do escape once in a while, recently Jack was out for over a week but normally it's an hour or two. They are all spayed/neutered now.

So vaccine advice? Do it or don't do it?

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If they escape, they definately need vaccinations, IMO!

I do the kitten series, then the first adult one. After that, every 3 years.
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ok thank you I'll get them all in in a few weeks when our up-to-date kitty is due for her yearly.
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Kitty is up to date with his. He`s indoor/outdoor
Maisie is starting hers in 3 weeks. She`s indoor only.
Better safe than sorry I think.
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Mine are totally indoor, but they get the normal 4 in 1 shot and the rabies. The least you should give is rabies shots if they are going outside!

Charlie's breeder specifically told me to never give him the FELV/FIP shots - they do not like them nor use them - they DO test for FELV and the cattery is free of that. Her husband is a vet and he doesn't like the FELV vaccine.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
If they escape, they definately need vaccinations, IMO!

I do the kitten series, then the first adult one. After that, every 3 years.
that is the new gerneral std..kitten series booster a yr later then every three yrs..

Talk to your vet mine only gives a 3 in 1 as cats here arent required to have any shots and transmition rates are low
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My personal opinion is that cats are being over-vaccinated. Mine are indoor, so I don't know what I would do if they went outdoors. But I get the rabies shot because it's law and I couldn't convince my vet not to do it. Other than that, no thanks.

Here is one article. There are many out there if you search.
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I think it is a purr-sonal opinion, for the most part. I mean, I foster kittens/cats with unknown history, who could very well have distemper or FeLV(they are tested, but my 4-5 week Jade is too young). I vaccinate as much as I am comfortable, but keep in mind that I could very well bring home a cat with distemper.
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I Vax my cats and kittens for Distemper (Panleukopenia), Calci, Rhinotracheitis, Chlamydia Psittaci and Rabies

I don't Vax for FeLv or FIP. I don't trust either of these Vaccines to NOT cause the disease themselves.

I believe it's very important to vaccinate for Distemper according to the latest protocol, without fail. The distemper virus is easy to transmit by humans on their clothing, hands, shoes etc. A susceptible cat/kitten can acquire the virus through casual contact with a human who has recently handled a cat that is shedding the virus.
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All of my "healthy" cats get vaccinated every year. I have a lot of fosters with unknown histories coming in and out. I do not vaccinate for FIV, FeLV, or FIP. Any fosters that come into my house get test for FeLV or FIV before hand. And the FIP vaccine is a waste of time in my opinion, since its only about 50% effective.
I do have 2 cats that cannot or will not be vaccinated. Neville... with his brittle bone disease, i dont want to put anything unnessary into him. My vet has even given my a signed form stating that he cannot be vaccinated do to health reasons. And Neko, his body is already killing off its red blood cells. Vaccinating him right now could kill him. So he is not getting vaccinated any time soon.
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Thanks for the opinions. Everyone is healthy, as far as I know. We do have herpes outbreaks sometimes though. I just don't really know what's best.

I know there is a lot of reserach that we are over-vaxing (humans and animals) but I have to vax my dogs so they can go to obedience school, or the dog park, or even the groomer. I do not have to vax my cats for any reason other than they may get out or I may bring a sick cat in.

Thanks for the input, I guess I'll have to do some more research.
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My two are indoor only. Neither have escaped for more than a few minutes. Odo, who is about 15 years old, got his vaccines last year at the shelter. He won't be getting any more. Willow, who is 8 years old, has always had hers yearly until recently when we started doing them every third year. However, I am reconsidering whether she really needs them. I may allow her to have one more shot of the vaccine for the upper respiratory viruses, in case her current or future housemate expose her, but I don't think her risk of exposure is high enough for the other vaccines at this point.
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Mine have the basic flu and enteritis vaccinations annually. They don't have the feline leukaemia one since they're indoor cats and the likelihood of them coming into contact with the virus is very slim. We don't have rabies over here. I believe flu and enteritis are airborne so indoor cats are best off having those vaccinations, imo, and cats that go outside definitely need them.

I'm not totally convinced they need to be done annually, but none of mine have ever had any side effects from vaccination so I don't really mind getting them done that often. I also put my cats into a cattery at least once a year so they need to be vaccinated annually for that.
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My girlies are strictly indoor only. Sierra hasn't been vaccinated since 2004 when her crf issue began. Serenity received her first year's vaccines, and we will now be going to the three year protocol.

If your kitties ever go outside, I agree with the better safe than sorry concept. Remember, if one goes out and is exposed, s/he will be bringing any illness right back home to the rest of your family.
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I think it depends on your circumstances. I am comfortable with just doing the initial kitten series of the 3-in-1 and Rabies, and that's it. But, my cats are indoors only, and even if they did get out they would have to actually leave the neighborhood to find any other strays. Animal Control is very strict where I live.
So my cats aren't likely to be exposed to anything.
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