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Please help...Advice needed

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Oh I feel like such a bad momma, I am sat here with tears running down my face. I was just checking the babies over (they are 2 days) and a saw fleas. Not many but they are definately there.

How do I deal with this. I immediately took babies out of their beds and gently checked them over and combed them. Changed the sheats in their bed and put them back. I put momma in another room while I did this. I then combed momma.

I dont know what to do next. I can only assume they have come from my boy Gizzy who is allowed outside.

Both my adult cats were bathed and combed on monday night but Boo must have them otherwise how would the babies.

I feel so bad.....Like i have let all my babies down. I dont want them to become sick but i dont like using chemicals in my home. Would the best thing to do be to call my vet in the morning?

I feel like I have got this all wrong.

Sorry for rambling. Im really upset I have let this happen.
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Sweetheart, Your not a bad mommy to them at all! Your doing the right thing by wanting to get this checked out. Everything will be ok Just call the vet and ask him what he thinks you should do since their young and all.... Keep us posted. And remember these baby's do appreciate everything you do for them- i know they do!
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dont be upset it happens to everyone hun. and your not a bad mamma
you can use frontline spray on the kittens when there 4 days old if the problem is bad , or you can get a bowl of water with some down diswashing soap in it , combthe kittens with a flee comb rinse it in the bowl dry the comb of and start again. the soap will drown the flees as they will not be able to come to the surface. as for your home the only way i know to get rid of flees in the home is to use a a flee spray from the vets for the household.
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yup, and it's good to comb the adult cats but pay special attention to the kittens. Fleas LOVE kittens and will immediately jump from an adult to a kitten if it's near by. You may want to get some vitamins for Momma so she can pass those in her milk to the babies, they'll get anemic pretty quickly with fleas. I'd call the vet and let them know, but they'll probably tell you to comb them and dip the comb in a water/dish soap mixture and just keep changing the towels.
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Im sorry for the earlier post. Its just been one of those day's....You know!!

Hubby, kids and everything just getting on top of me. I feel a little foolish now....Im a 30 yr old grown woman yet i am reduced to tears over a few fleas.

I have combed them all including momma and Gizzy. I found 4 in total so I guess it cant be really bad yet and Im hoping I can sort it really quickly.

Thanks for the advice. I will give the vet a ring in the morning and see what he thinks is the best thing to use at home.

Sorry again for coming across kinda hysterical!!
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I'm pretty sure we've all done the same before! Over-reacting is a mother's nature.

Hopefully, the vet can offer some advice & help you get rid of those fleas!
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dont feel silly , weve all done it , thats what makes us good mums to kids and furkids. i was having the same day y/day the kids was driving me mad SO didnt help much and worried about fluffy among other things. but i woke up this morning feeling so much better but a bit silly for being a bit upset the night before, but all is good today.
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I'm sure they didn't just come in recently from your outside cat - they were probably already IN your house from him - fleas only spend 10% of the time on the animal - the rest is hiding in the carpet, couch, etc. to lay eggs.

You will first have to treat the adult cats - and stop letting them outside to bring in more fleas.

Second, you need to treat your house and carpet and furniture for the fleas. If this means removing all pets and bombing the house - do it. Keep combing the babies - they can become anemic very quickly at this age.

Put a flea collar (pieces) in the vaccumn and inbetween the couch cushions.
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I'm sorry your going through this!

Id get those kittens looked at,They can become very sick.
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I just wanted to let you know I have spoken to my vet this morning and he said I should use no products in my home at all until the kittens reach 6 - 8 weeks and are no longer feeding from mum. Im not to treat my adult cats or the kittens with any flea product. I just have to comb the kittens and momma daily, change their bedding and vacume the room.

Kittens are fine. All gaining weight and feeding well. Vet said if I get at all concerned he will see them.
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aww honey dont feel bad, I suppose like you said it was one of those 'last straw' moments

You'll soon get it sorted, its just a bit more time & effort most of the web sites advice on combing, so its a bit tedious but just squish the little critters when you get them

Maybe some household flea spray might be OK for the house etc, what did the vet say about that ?
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im in the uk aswell , and my vets have always advised useing frontline spray , and have never told me not to treat the other adults in the house?? this came from a priviate vet and the rspca/ celia hamond *CHAT*. but i spose all vets have different views on things.
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