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Sometimes I just can't stand people. I'm fine with people being a couple in public, holding hands and kissing every so often. But these people across from me in the library are annoying! I keep hearing kissing noises from behind my moniter. They have been kissing for about 20min now. It is so annoying.
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PDA are very annoying!!!! What's wrong with privacy?
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When i lived at my old house i used to get the train into the office, and now and again you'd get a young couple at 7.40.am kissing, and on a packed train when it's quiet theres nothing worse than hearing the smacking noises And believe me i'm no prude but theres a time and a place for that sort of thing

The times i've wanted to say "Get a room!!!
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I'm a romantic, so generally when I see PDA, I think "awww". But there's good PDA, and there's bad PDA, just like there's good naked and bad naked. LOL.

Public kisses are ok to me as long as they are confined to directly on the lips. Forgive the visual, but imagine if your saliva was beet red. If your partner would look like dracula or a clown after the kiss, it's time to rethink your methods.
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eeewwwiee, not what you really need to see or hear in the library
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