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Male Cat Mounts & Bites Female's Neck!!

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We have 2 cats from the same litter ( Tony & Karmela ). Both of the cats DO NOT MEOW! They have never once meowed. The most they will do is a high-pitched "Meep" is what we call it. and it's very faint. They are 3 years old now.

The male cat is a sap. He craves love, attention & cuddling ( but mostly only with me ( his Dad)). He'll sprawl out on his back in my lap for hours and just look up at me lovingly.

She is extremely timid ( although she was the one pawing for attention at the rescue station ). She loves her Mom and sleeps at her feet every night without failure. She will not let me come near her unless she is waist-high or higher. if she's on the floor she'll run.

Here's the situation...

Any time that there is any type of a high-pitched noise.. Whistle / squeaky toy / high pitched noises on TV / microwave / high pitched noises I can make myself / Tony freaks out. He stops whatever he is doing, and looks desparately for his sister. He won't stop until he finds her... He runs up to her, mounts her from the side or the back, and bites down on her neck. She "Meeps" a high-pitched meep, and then we have to run to break it up. She won't fight it, she just "meeps".

He also does this if I have been giving him serious attention / or he's seriously aggravated with me, he'll take out his aggression on her ( not by mounting/biting, but just by fighting & being mean ).

I would really like to figure out the REASON why he's doing this. ( showing his power / protecting her / trying to mate? / who knows! )

They're both fixed - both have been indoor cats since birth.

Someone let me know if they have experienced anything else!

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Some males will still mount female cats. It is a reproductive instinct. Was he spayed before he became sexually mature (before 6 months)? It might also just be a play behavior. Generally the grabbing of the neck and the mounting is what happens during breeding.

You might also try a lite spray from a waterbottle when he is being aggressive (so that you don't get scratched/bit trying to break them up) with his syster. It may help curb the behavior.
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No, I don't need to spray him.. He knows when I'm mad.. He spends every waking moment on my lap and laying on my chest.. when I'm mad at him, he knows it, sulks, then comes and apologizes. This is more of an instinctual problem. No matter what's going on, he does it. I could make a noise, and get in his way, and he'll do whatever is necessary to get around me to find her. You can see his eyes go blank, and something in his brain just clicks. Very very strange. Usually I yell at him and chase him, and he gets backed into a corner or something scared poopless. I'll never hit him, but that look on his face when he's terrified breaks my heart, but it works.

I still think it's weird that they only "MEEP". They try to meow, but it's a whisper with a high-pitched tweak at the end.

They also do that weird thing with their mouths when they see flies / reflections / laser pointers.. When they clack their mouth open violently and make that weird noise.

They're strange..
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That clicking noise they make when they see prey is actually normal! I was just reading something yesterday that said cats are actually practicing their death bite when they do this.

Anyway, one of my cats will become aggressive to the other two when she is mad at me. It's like she knows better than to bite me so she takes it out on the boys. Of course I correct her but I'd rather she tried to bite me than them. Hemmy doesn't seem to be bothered by her (he's alpha) but Friday's such a weenie. It really upsets him.
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My one year old cat Joe does that to my 3 year old female. it's kinda disturbing and she always has bite marks on her chin... i think he really hurts her. anyway... I think it's a pretty normal occurance even if they are fixed.
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