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Bad Day at Work ...

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... Not for me, personally, but for my co-workers.

One co-worker's daughter just gave birth on Friday, by c-section. Last night she was rushed to the hospital with an infection and had to undergo emergency surgery. She's on IV antibiotics and fluids and is very, very sick. They're anticipating that she will need further surgery today. Her baby is fine -- a healthy little girl -- but it's still very scary. This is her first child (my co-worker's second grandchild).

Another co-worker's fiance works in Toronto (about fifty minutes away, depending on traffic) and suddenly came down sick, so that co-worker has had to leave to go get him. He wasn't feeling well last night, but it's very unlike him to suddenly be so sick as to need to go home -- and he wasn't the one who called our office, his supervisor called. He's too sick to even come to the phone. My co-worker may have to take him to the hospital; she doesn't know what's wrong with him and is naturally very worried.

Any vibes you can spare for the new mom and the fiance would be greatly appreciated. This has not been a good week.
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Hopefully everyone will feel better soon.
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Wow! Sending healthy vibes your way to spread around to who needs them the most!
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My co-worker's fiance is fine; I think his employers just over-reacted because he so rarely gets sick.

My other co-worker's daughter is not fine, but hopefully will be. Wednesday the daughter (I'll call her K) went to lie down, and her mother, my co-worker (I'll call her S) went in to check on her. When S went into the bedroom, there was this awful, awful smell; her immediate thought was that it was dirty diapers in the garbage bin, but then she remembered that she'd already taken the garbage out so that couldn't be it. When S moved towards her daughter, the smell got worse: it was coming from K! S called for an ambulance and K was rushed to the hospital, where it turned out she had an infection in her womb. She's had emergency surgery twice to clear out all the rotten flesh (that was the source of the smell *shudder*) and now has a pump in her stomach to remove the excess fluids. She'll have to stay in the hospital for at least a week and will probably need to keep the pump in her stomach for at least a month. The baby is fine (the baby was never in danger). The whole situation is so sad because this is her first child (which is why K didn't think there was a problem -- she thought she just felt bad because she'd had a C-section) and she'd had miscarriages in the past, so this baby really is a little miracle. I had nightmares last night about the idea of S coming into the bedroom to the smell of her daughter's rotting womb. *double shudder*

Thanks to everyone who offered up positive vibes for my co-workers. Please continue sending your TCS magic towards K and her baby girl.
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