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Tab's Okay!!!!! Woohoo!

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Ok, ages ago I posted about Tab not eating, and we took her to the vets for some blood tests etc. Well today she's been and had her throat examined and it turns out that she has a swollen tonsil. We are going to be given some anti-biotics for this little problem later, as she had an operation on a lump on her side, so right now she is curled up asleep at the vets, still drowsy from the anasthetic, and we can't fetch her until about 6.30pm.

Anyway, all that matters is that she's okay!

I'm just reeeally happy about the fact she's okay so I thought I'd share hehe
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That is awesome news....these babies make us worry so much don't they
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Wonderful news!

So glad she is going to be ok!
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So glad to hear she is okay! Give her an extra scritch for me
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Great news! Get well soon Tab!
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Good news hope she has a full and speedy recovery.
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so happy that she's okay.
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I am so happy things are going well!
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Tab's reeeeally tired today, and yesterday we had to put a plastic cone collar thingy (lol) on her head, but she wouldn't have it, she kept bashing into things and crying for help if she got stuck! In the end we decided to leave it off her, as she can't stand the smell of her stitches there's no way she'll try biting them! All she needs is a bit of TLC and she'll be back to her old self!

And she's not too happy about the fact she can't go out in the sunshine for 2 whole weeks!!

Thanks for your replies peeps! Misty8723, I gave her a little scritch for you this morning hehe
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