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Flags of North America quiz

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This was neat. I thought I would do worse then I did, but it was actually pretty logical. I got 8/10
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Why does New England have a flag? It isn't a state or providence.

I played it at least ten times and my score got worse every time. First time I got 7 out of 10. I am now determinded to get 10!!
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I played several times and gpt 7/10 right every time... I had no clue about the flags of Canada!
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I got mostly US flag questions and bombed those ones pretty bad.
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9 out of 10...
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I just started and the first flag up is my own state's! I'll get at least one right.

Got 8/10 the first time and 9/10 the second. I'm stopping while I'm ahead.
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6/10 not bad for not knowing any flags. I mostly guessed.
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I got 4 right...at least I got my own state right .

I never learned the flags. We had a substitute teacher the year-4th grade- that we were supposed to learn states and capitals and all that, and let's just say, she vowed (and kept it) that she would never substitute for our class again...ever... Needless to say, we learned nothing...why the principle didn't come down and do something about it, I'll never know. Oh wait, I remember- she was worthless as a principle and my mom couldn't stand her- oh yeah!

I bought a puzzle when I was in my 20's to teach myself the states and capitals! I guess I need to get it out again and learn the flags and state mottos...
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