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Allergic to my cats - Part II

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Hey guys, my boyfriends brother is coming up to visit us this evening.
He's bought me something called Bio Allers for Pet Allergies - I hear it's really good and that it will solve my cat allergy problems, it's supposed to be herbal. Anyone ever used it?

My rash got so bad last night that my hands swelled up and this morning it had spread to my face. I couldn't even go to work. Then the person that I thought was supposed to be a good friend calls me to say "How many times must I tell you, just get rid of them! That herbal s**t won't work!"

How nasty is that?
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oh my im sorry, some people can be so cold hearted , i have a friend who thinks i should just throw all the cats outside to fend for themselfs.
i dont have any advice on this product but i hope someone does come along who knows about it. good luck i hope you find something that works for you soon x
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Aren't you taking Zyrtec also? How long have you been taking it for? It takes a little while to build up in your system to get the full effects.
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If you are on other medication, do not take herbal remedies on top of that without consulting your doctor/allergy specialist etc. Herbal remedies are not 'benign', they do have active ingredients (although plant based) and they can react with what you're already taking with unpleasant effect! So consult with whichever medical professional is most relevant before taking anything else on top of current medication.
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That is really sad. I am sorry! Keep trying
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