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Should I be expecting kitties today?

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I am new to this but have been reading everyones messages for the past couple of weeks..
The thing is my cat is pregnant and I was expecting her to have them this week..well yesterday afternoon she was sitting on the sofa with me and I noticed that she was licking the towel a lot then she moved and a lil while later moved again and there was a big puddle of water (is this her waters breaking?) anyway she was leaving water around for a few hours and she kept going in and out of her cupboard and when I'm stroking her she is making slight meows (like when they are on heat)..
The thing is she is still eating...
Should I be expecting kittens today?
Sorry for all the blabbering
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Hello and welcome to TCS !

ooo some more babies well I cant give any specific advice, but if they are coming today, mum will know what to do, you just need to keep a watchful eye on her, just in case she needs some help

As you know we have a few members who's cats have had kittens, so I am sure someone will be along soon to give you some detailed advice

Heres sending lots of soothing & calming birthing ((((( vibes )))))

Keep us posted
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Hi and welcome to TCS we have great members here who have been through this so you should get lots of replies.
it does sound like it will be very soon if after 24 hours nothing has happend i would be inclined to call a vet for advice, i have never had a queens waters break a few hours before delivery but it does happen, just make sure there is no greenish discharge or there isnt a bad smell. she will do everything her self , but just in case she has problems keep a vets number handy. please keep us updated on her progress
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I called the vet yesterday and they just said that every cat is different and that if she pushes for more than an hr to call them..
But she isn't pushing or no contractions and also her breathing is fine..
Hope she has them today..I am so inpatient
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welcome to TCS!

Yes I know the waiting game is a killer lol!

Hopefully it will be soon. Have you noticed any other signs?

Fingers crossed that all goes well for teh birth of your cat's kittens.
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She keeps meowing at me making me go up to her nest with her and stroke her..everytime she falls asleep I come back down and then she wakes up and come and gets me again!
I have just rang the vets and am taking her down there in a couple of hours just to get her checked over... hope everything is ok
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Sounds likeits close! Good luck
btw what is her name?
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Her name is Bella..
She's nearly 2 yrs old...
Do you think that it will distress her too much going in the car to the vets?
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just checking back for the latest
Hope all goes well at the vets, she might not like the journey, but I am sure she will be fine - keep us posted
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Sounds like she could be getting closer, wanting you to stay by her side in the nesting area. Keep us posted when you find something out.

Good luck!
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It does sound like she is close to having these babies.

Good luck at the vets an please let us know how it goes.

Emma x x x
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Hi there Welcome to TCS.

She sounds like she is close.

As to her still eating all cats are different Cally ate up until she started pushing.

All cats are different.

Make sure you post lots of pics of the babies.

Good Luck Bella!
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well she is still pacing around everywhere.. and meowing..
I am leaving in a min for the vets so will let you all know what they said when I get back..
Thanks everyone
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Sounds like she is close,But you never know our kitties like to keep us waiting.

It may be another few hours,But if her water broke it will be soon.
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Hi everyone..

Just to let you know the sad news..
We took Bella to the vets and they did an ultra sound and found that the kittens had died..apparently the first kitty died early on in the pregnancy and that is what caused the 2nd to die also..

So Bella had to have a caesarian to have them removed and we also got her spayed at the same time..

I have just heard from the vet and they said that she has woken from the anaesthetic and they will be keeping an eye on her for the rest of the night..
Hopefully we will be able to pick her up tomorrow.

So unfortunately no babies for Bella..but thankfully I still have her..

Thanks to everyone that replied to my questions earlier and I hope that everyone who is awaiting kitties will have healthy ones soon[/color][/font][/font]..
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Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that Bella is ok though.
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I am so sorry Bella.

How upset you must be,But your right it is sad the babies died,But you still have your Bella.

I said the same with my Cally,It would hurt but i could not part with my Cally.

Im speechless nothing i say will make things any better.

Your both in my thoughts!
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Oh I am so sorry to hear this latest - you were right to get her off to the vets - you still have your precious Bella

Maybe when shes up to it you can take some photos and let us have a little look at her we'd love to see her !

Give her some chin rubs when she comes home
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Im so sorry for both you and bella, At least as you have had her fixed neither of you will have to go threw this heart ache again.

Sending lots of hugs for you and healing vibes for bella
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im so very sorry this has happend, but at least bella is ok , and you got her to the vet before any infections had started.
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So sorry. Glad Bella is Ok and hope she willbe home tomorrow.
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How is Mama cat doing?

Has the vet given you a update?
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Bella is home now..went and picked her up at 11am..
She seems to be ok, just wanting lots of affection as usual
She has some nasty stitches which she has licked once & caused a little bit of oozing.. but rang the vets and they said to clean it and just keep an eye on it..

Other than that she is eating lots and drinking lots of water..

So glad she is back home
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aww I am glad shes back home with you and great that shes eating etc

Sending lots of quick recovery ((((( vibes ))))) for little Bella
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Thank God you used your head and brought her to the vet when you noticed she wasn't going into labour so you prevented any infections. I am sorry for yours and Bella's loss. I'm glad to hear she is doing well, though!
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Good to hear all is ok.

How is Bella acting?
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Well I had to take Bella back to the vets cos one of her stitches came loose so they tied it up again and now have put the lampshade thing around her neck
She is having real trouble with that but she needs it on cos she can't be trusted to not lick her wounds!

I'm sure she'll get used to it after a day or so...
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They do get used to it pretty quickly, at least mine did. One of my strays got in a fight and had several lacerations on his face so he had to wear it for about 2 weeks. He was fine with it.
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I have another cat Georgie (another girl) who is about a yr 1/2 older than Bella..
Well Georgie has this thing where when Bella goes to the vets when we bring her home Georgie goes into one hissing at her, hiding in a corner from her and us.. I was just wondering if anyone elses cats do this and if they do how do you deal with it?
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She can smell the anicetic,And the wound,animals do not do good with that,

It is perfectly normal.

When i had my cat Strix spayed my other two would run away from her,And they usually all cuddled.
She just smells different,It will pass im sure when Bella heals.
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