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Word help

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Ok so I am finally almost done with my paper except for my bib entries, which I need 3 or more sources! And I have them and everything but...

Microsoft word won't let me do what I need to do!

here is the problem....I have to indent the second line of the bibliography entry of course and every time I do that my whole entire entry indents I have no idea why it is doing this! Can any one help me with this, it never did that before.

I have emailed my teacher telling her of my current difficulties..but I am running out of time and I thought that maybe some one on here can help and knows why this is happenign!

Thanx in advance!!
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I have resisted MS Word for a long while, and still only use it when I don't have a choice, but I recognize the concept you need -- look in the Help for "Indentation, hanging". The item explains what you need to do. It's more involved than I expected, so I won't try to describe it. Hope that helps.
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ok kind of hard to explain, so just a link (the pics help!)

That is the best way I have found to keep them from moving all over the place
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