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Blood on feces!!!

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Ack!! Earlier I saw Nyx coming out of the bathroom (where her litterbox is) and there was a super foul smell as well so I went into there to investigate. There was a big pile of crap with blood on it!!! ;_; It looked like it was only on the outside. I didn't hear her crying or anything so I was really surprised. She did have fleas when we got her from the shelter, can worms cause that blood? Is it something normal that happens after giving birth? :\\ The poops are squishy.

I'd been wanting to take her to the vet again anyway, but wasn't sure if it was okay to take her away from the babies. (well, I'd also like to take the kitties as well). What age do the kitties have to be before I can take them to the vet? Maybe it'd be a good idea for all of them to go together? Or no? :\\ *panicking*
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When did she give birth?

I would suggest calling the vet, and asking them for advice.
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You don't have to seperate her from the kittens to go to the Vet. I use a bigger carrier that opens from the top. I put in her nest and the kittens and mom will go in with them.

I see from here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=122450 She gave birth on April 8th.
Red blood means it's something external. Black stools means the bleeding in internal. I agree you need to touch base with your vet.
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It was red blood ;_; I'll have to make an appointment with the vet then, hopefully they will look at the kitties too. Thanks guys!!!
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How old are the kittens now? If the kittens are under 4 weeks old, you can take all of them to the vet - just be sure you tell them that so they can book the earliest or latest appointment so there is minimul contact with other animals in the vet. Their 1st shots should be about 5-6 weeks old and then every 2-3 weeks after that.
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