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Bailey was admitted to the hospital tonight!

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I took Bailey to the emergency vet tonight after her appetite had decreased considerably over the past few days. I feel so bad for leaving her there, but they were concerned about hepatic lipidosis (as am I) or pancreatitis. I'm so worried about my baby! They're going to redo blood work tonight and get her on IV fluids, and they're planning on giving her anti-nausea injection(s). Tomorrow, she's going to be seen by an internal medicine specialist to see if she needs an ultrasound or endoscopy or something more in-depth.

I hate how quickly this all happened. I miss her so much already, and I'm so worried about her. I just hope that if there IS something wrong with her that they'll be able to find it. I don't even care how much it costs- I just want her to get better!

Please send positive, healing vibes to Bailey! She's my WORLD, and I can't stand that she's not with me. I feel so bad that she's stuck at the vet instead of at home! She'll be at the e-vet all night and probably most of tomorrow, so she'll need all the love she can get while she's stuck away from home!

Thank you everyone, and please think of Bailey!
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Bailey, baby, I'm praying for your swift recovery and my girlies send special love and snuggles to you, and to your Mom, as well!
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Sending lots of vibes and prayers that Bailey will be fine
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Thank you! I appreciate it, and I'm sure Bailey does too.

I just spoke with the vet regarding her blood work results. I didn't get all the values since I'm planning on getting a printout tomorrow, but she said there were 2 results that stuck out. Her creatinine is slightly elevated, and so is her calcium level. Her creatinine is 2.5 (normal range up to 2.4), and her calcium level is 13.2 (normal range up to 11.3). Her BUN level is 17 (normal up to 36). When she had blood work a month ago, creatinine was 2.0, BUN was 30, and her calcium was 11.2, I believe. I'm not sure why her BUN went down, but the vet said the elevated creatinine could be due to muscle waste (I think?) related to her anorexia. The vet said that her blood work still looks good overall. They'll be doing further diagnostics tomorrow.

I don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight!
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Oh my, heres sending lots of positive, healthy ((((( vibes ))))) for sweet Bailey - keeping fingers, toes, & paws crossed

Keep us posted and I know its easy to say, but try to relax she's in the best place for all the care & attention she needs
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I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and Bailey, I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us posted on what the vet says.

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Sending lots og get well vibes for Bailey and some for you.
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Lots of love and strong {{{VIBES}}} are on their way to your Bailey. I have a soft spot for kitties named Bailey.
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You and Bailey are in my thoughts.
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Sending lots of positive vibes to you and Bailey. I hope you get some good news today.

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You and sweet Bailey are in my thoughts.
I will watch for your updates.
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I called this morning to check on her. They said nothing's really changed. I don't know what I really expected, but I at least wanted to know she was okay. She's supposed to see the specialist at some point this morning. I'm supposed to call if I haven't heard anything by 1:30ish.

There's a part of me that really feels like this is my fault. Sometimes I feel like I don't pay close enough attention to her, and then other times, I feel like I obsess over her too much. Did she stop eating because she's stressed out that I keep running her to the vet? Is she mad at me for making her take lactulose all the time? Have I been making MY stress too obvious, and she's been picking up on it? I feel like I've failed her somewhere. I feel like I could've done more, or maybe I should've done less. I know I had to take her in last night due to the risk of hepatic lipidosis, but maybe she wouldn't have stopped eating if I'd just given her some space.

I feel like a bad mom. I'm so sorry Bailey!
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You did the right things.

Was she on some antibiotics? She had some dental issues going on, if I remember correctly, is that right?
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It's not your fault.
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It's obvious you are a loving and caring meowmy. Kitties get sick sometimes, just as humans do. You're doing the best you can.

Sending good vibes for Bailey for a speedy recovery.
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Prayers and vibes to Bailey and calming vibes to you.
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Im sending you emense vibes! Stay strong for your baby. I wish both of you the best! She is lucky to have such a carrying and dedicated mommy such as yourself!
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Sending out get well vibes and prayers to your precious Bailey!
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Sending lots of love and good vibes to you and little Bailey. I hope that all goes well and that everything is okay.
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Many prayers and vibes for Bailey
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Don't beat up on yourself - you are doing all you can and she is in the right place. Stay calm for her. I do hope they find theproblem and can treat it easily.
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Awww, thank you so much everyone! It's so nice to be part of a community where people understand why I care so much about my cat and why I'm willing to put so much time, energy, and money into making her happy. To me, she's not "just a cat," as I'm sure all of you understand. She's even more than family to me- she's my precious little baby! So many people don't get it and think I'm just obsessive, but I'm ultimately the main person responsible for her health and happiness. And I do what I can for her not out of obligation, but out of love. She's been there for me through so much, and she's a wonderfully kind, loving, special kitty.

Ugh, I just ran out of tissues. I can't stop crying at work! I just spoke with the internal medicine specialist. She's concerned about her elevated calcium levels since it could possibly be a sign of cancer. She's going to do a CBC, urine test, chest x-ray (to look for any abnormalities), and a more in-depth blood test which will give more specific information on her calcium level (I don't remember what it's called). I'm guessing if they don't find anything, they're going to have to do an ultrasound, and then who knows? All I know is that as hard as it is for me to leave her there, I NEED to find out what is wrong with her so that she can the proper treatment. I'm tired of playing guessing games, and I don't want to gamble with Bailey's health. Even though I want her home with me, if she's not going to eat or drink at home, it's probably best that she be under supervised care... I wonder how long this is going to take.

The specialist is supposed to call me later today to talk about the CBC, urinalysis, and x-ray. The calcium blood test won't be back until next week. I'm pretty sure at this point that they're going to keep her on fluids and may give her steroids in an attempt to lower her calcium level, and then redo blood work in the morning. This is so hard!!!
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Im wishing you the best and hope Bailey gets better soon!
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Oh yeah, Beandip- she was supposed to start antibiotics before her dental procedure (which was scheduled for this upcoming Monday, but I don't know what's going to happen with that). She was ideally supposed to start taking them tomorrow, but when I told her regular vet that she wasn't eating normally, he said we should hold off on the antibiotics until the day of since they might further decrease her appetite. I believe they gave her an injectible antibiotic last night in case she had some type of infection. I can't even think straight
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for you and Bailey. I totally get why you feel the way you do, and I understand how hard it is for you to be at work and waiting for news. I am praying they find out what the problem is soon, so you can get Bailey back home and get on with whatever treatment is necessary.
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Good vibes for you and Bailey. I really hope its not cancer. I had to send my beloved Howard to the rainbow bridge about 2 months ago because he had cancer in his intestines. He kept vomiting and getting constipated. We finally did a barium series and found ot it was cancer. Sadly, it had already gone to his brain.

Dont blame your self for anything! When I found out he had cancer, I kept thinking "what if I had pushed harder for more tests or brought him in sooner." "What if I would have thought the vomiting was not just hairballs but something more..." None of its your fault. Your doing everything possible for your baby. You just have to put the rest of it in god's hands. Hopefully your baby is just being a pain in your rear and nothing more....
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Aw, poor Bailey and poor you. You're not a bad mommy. There are so many people that thinking their cat going off food will help them lose weight, so they don't even call a vet! I hope you get good news, and it's just some weird levels for a while.
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I am sending love and prayers for you both! Keep us updated!
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Thanks again everyone!

I'm seriously about to freak out. Her chest x-ray didn't show any abnormalities, and they sent out samples for a CBC and urinalysis. I won't know the results of those until tomorrow. She said she doesn't think it is necessary to do an ultrasound at this point, but they may do it tomorrow depending on the lab results. They're going to keep her on IV fluids today and overnight and redo the basic blood work again in the morning.

She still hasn't eaten anything. I asked her if they planned on force-feeding her, and she said she is trying to avoid it since force-feeding could make her aversion to food even worse. I asked how long they would let her go without eating (she hasn't eaten since 6:00pm yesterday, and it was a tiny amount!). She said if they can't get her to eat by tomorrow morning, they may consider placing a feeding tube.

Does that seem like too long? I'm worried about her sitting at the vet and not eating, especially since she hasn't eaten nearly enough over the past 5 days. I'm so frustrated!! I don't know what to do!!!
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Prayers and positive vibes sent your way JennyJen
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