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Ontario Internet Users

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I'm in the midst of a big problem involving Bell Canada. They are being so difficult that i'm considering switching internet providers. It involves my ex-tenants account and his switchover to making his account mine. At the moment I have no internet and am using my neghbours every night! Have any of you have any good experiences outside of Bell or Rogers? Sprint, etc. Any help or advice on this from Ontario members would be deeply appreciated! I'm desperate!
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What a huge pain!!!
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Join the club with the bell problems. I posted this about Bell earlier today.

I have execulink wireless. It works pretty good, but sometimes it has bad days. This afternoon it kept disconnecting me every few minutes, but that doesn't happen very often. I have had Rogers, Cogeco, Bell and Execulink internet so if you have any questions, just ask.
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Another join the club person, however, we are stuck with them because our intercom works with Bell and it is a rediculous fee if we cancel and have to have it hooked up again for the next person.

So, we have our Bell line on the most basic package (which is still overpriced), our cells through Telus and internet through Cogeco.

I am a big Cogeco fan but I know many people have had problems with them too - I just got lucky I guess
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I am with Rogers, and it has been fine. Actually their ultra lite high speed is very enough for me anyway, and its the cheapest one

No REAL problems with them..I had a little fight with them when they weren't going to install it for free for me. That was only because I wasn't technically a new customer though..New customers do get free install.
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When I was living in Ontario, I was using a provider called B2B2c

I never really had problems with them. And their customer support was great! Whenever they told me they'd look into something and call me back, they always did! (even when it was a problem caused by my computer, not by their service)
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We use, but we only use their dial up. Have had no problems and it isn't that expensive. My mom and sister use and they haven't any complaints either.

Good luck
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We're on Rogers and are less than thrilled, but it is high-speed and we bundle.
Our friends are on Hummingbird wireless and they seem happy with them.
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We and most of the people we know locally use Rogers. We have had problems in the past, but they were really good about fixing things straight away (ummm, it could just be that I'm really good about being y enough that people just do what I want ... I can be scary!). When we lost service for a week or so, they gave us a free month of Internet.

But, like I said, I am a scary, assertive customer. Companies tend to do what I want just to get me to go away. It helps to remind them that they no longer have the monopoly on things like telephone, Internet, television, etc.
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You wouldn't beleive what I've gone through. Three phone calls lasting between 1/2 hour and 2 hours. They kept saying everything was okay, then it wasn't. Then the last call they told me I would have to wait two months for my tenants name to clear from my phone #. GGGGGrrrrrr. Of course I protested.

I have to phone them today to get the most recent status. Not looking forward to spending an hour of my day off on the phone with them again.
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Bell has told me on Thursday that all is well and I should be receiving my modem next week. We'll see......

I still can't believe how much grief they put me through. One month without internet, due to their computer screw ups. Thank goodness, my neighbour is letting me use his internet.
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