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Tribal politics

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With Turvy Demeter passing on to the bridge last week, there hasn't been an Alpha Cat in the tribe, and till now, we've all been in mourning with lots of silence and moping around.

But, this evening, the first rumblings of establishing a new alpha has surfaced, with a few surprises. Etcetera D'Calico, as I've always known she would, has tried to flex her muscles. The surprising part is, Peanut Butterum, who always seemed to be at odds with Etcetera, seems perfectly content to let Etcetera have her way. Surprise #2, Mischief Mistoffolees, who catered to both Turvy Demeter and Etcetera, tonight made a very tough stand against Etcetera, to the point of having her back down. He also got into Trace's face, when all Trace wants to do is chill out, watch the birds and do some snoozing.

Hobo Skimbleshanks don't care who's in charge, as long as they'll wrestle with him, and the other girls would rather cuddle on a shelf and watch the show from above.

The next Queen of the Jellicle Tribe may very well be a King.
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lol sounds like its going to be fun, there for a couple of weeks.
hehe hobo sounds like me, i dont care who is in charge leave me alone, and lets play from time time.
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Wow! This is more interesting than American politics

Hope the surge for Top Cat ends peacefully!
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They'll be a happier tribe when someone...anyone...takes the reins!

Hobo can always come to visit here for awhile if he's looking for willing volunteers to play with him!
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keep us up to date Mike! Mischief could be the dark horse in this campaign! my vote goes to Miss Diva Etcetera though
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Well... this is an intresting turn. Keep us updated on how the events unfold.
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Aren't they just so funny? Let us know how things go as the power struggle develops!
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Someone should film this for the next Survivor show! Sounds like life is going to be interesting for the next little while.
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Defiantely sounds like you should have some entertainment for a bit as long as they keep the politics friendly.
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Mike, they have their own mini soap opera going on over there...keep us updated as to who takes the took a few weeks here for Severino to assert himself and take over.
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You are in for a fun ride! The last time I lost an alpha, it took a few months for the new alpha to emerge. The problem was that the older cats couldn't care less about being alpha and that left the role to Stumpy, who was 18 months old at the time. It took him a while to figure out what that role meant. The other cats handed it to him and he figured it out as he went along.

My Stumpy has been ill for the last year and I'm watching to see if he'll hand over the reigns peacefully or continue to command the pride. He's not giving up right now and there are 2 in the sidelines waiting to take over.

I love watching alpha dynamics!!
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Bluffing will only get you so far

..and Diva Etcetera D'Calico called Mischief's bluff just a moment ago. She decided to make a stand for all the marbles and refused to back down. Mischief made a good show of it, but when he realized that he wasn't impressing anyone, he called it quits and went to the "crinkle cave" for a nap.

The Diva may yet prevail. Its kind of funny to watch all the politics play out, but its also kind of sad to have seen their world so turned upside down.
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Originally Posted by Skippymjp View Post
The Diva may yet prevail. Its kind of funny to watch all the politics play out, but its also kind of sad to have seen their world so turned upside down.
and all around.

Sad and poignant, yet intriguing...please do contine to chronicle foir us the change in your tribe's dynamics.

And know that we mourn along with you for the late, great Queen Turvy.
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