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please help me save this kitty

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A neighbor found 6 abandoned kittens by the side of the road (we think they were dumped as it was a busy road). I've had them since Saturday. Today I took them to the vet because one was not peeing. It turns out she was so constipated she couldn't. She was able to get him to pee and poo, but now she's not eating. I got her to poo really well (it was soft but brown). She peed some, but has not really eaten well in about 8 hours. I tried some sugar water (didn't have any Karo syrup and the kids are in bed so I can't go out), and besides force feeding her with a syringe, I'm not getting more than 2ml into her. She just lets the milk drip out of her mouth and doesn't even swallow most of it.
Is it a hopeless cause? I've read about fading kitten syndrome, but I'm just so worried and wish I could do something, anything, for this little one.
Right now I have her sleeping on my chest. She's just not doing well.
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Sorry I don't have any advise, but am sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for this baby, and you, and the other little ones.
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Have you seen these links? There's one on orphaned kittens.
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thank you for the link. I think I've read every site available trying to help these kitties.
The one kitty slept on my chest wrapped up in a towel for about an hour. I tried feeding her again but she fought me. I hope some of it made it into her.
I can't afford another vet bill after today's so I'm not sure what I'm going to do if she makes it through the night. I'll go get some karo syrup tomorrow and hopefully that will help her. I'll try throughout the night to get her to eat, even if it's just a little bit.
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You're doing everything possible... if she doesn't make it, it's not your fault. Just keep offering her the food, keeping her warm, and loving her--that's all anybody can do.

Whoever dumped her is just a monster. There's no other word for it.
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Oh these stories of these poor abandoned babies break my heart. How can someone look into their tiny little faces and then leave them some place to die. Its beyond me!!

You are doing a wonderful job taking in and caring for these babies.

I will keep my fingers crossed for this poor little fading baby.
Is there a shelter or animal welfare society you could call where she could be seen by a vet without it costing you should she need it?

You are doing everything you possible can for these babies.....Dont feel bad. Its the horrible person who left them that should feel bad but probably doesnt.
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thank you for taking in these kittens your an angel.
im afraid i dont have any advice for you , but just know you have given them a chance there loved warm and cared for , your doing everything possible for them.
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what on earth are people thinking when they do such atrocious things I hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives - its wicked just plain wicked

sorry rant over

What a wonderful thing you are doing to save these precious little ones bless you ! !
You are doing your best in what sounds difficult circumstances, those babies would have got cold just left there by the road

Things sound like they are doing well if you have had them since Saturday I hope the little one makes it, but please try not to feel bad, you are giving her the love & warmth that she wouldn't have had otherwise

Please keep us updated - we are all here for you
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
what on earth are people thinking when they do such atrocious things I hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives - its wicked just plain wicked

sorry rant over


Its hard not to rant and feel angry isnt it when you hear what some people do with these beautiful babies.
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They are so beautiful. There are 2 white calicos (white tan and brown), two brown calicos (brown, tan, and white) 1 orange (looks long hair maybe) and one grey one with a white face.

They all made it through the night. The little one did drink some this morning, but definitely not what the others ate. She sucked for maybe 10 seconds, which is an improvement (maybe 5 ccs worth). I'm going to just let her rest and I'll call the vet today.

The humane society was closed yesterday, and the other one didn't return my call. I'm trying to do a good thing, you would think vets would see that and not try to take advantage of the situation having 6 kittens.

Cats R Us (a no-kill facility through our local Pet Smart) told the girl who originally found them that they will give them their first immunizations and Feline Leukima test them for free, and will help with adoption as well if needed. I may call her and see if there are any additional resources.

The cost of feeding 6 kittens...OUCH! About $60 a week if not more just for milk.

I added up the time this morning. I do an average of 30 minutes each feed, with feeding and peeing and pooping. I do that about 10 times a day, that's 5 hours each day! It's time well spent, but it explains why I'm tired.

I'll keep everyone posted.
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wow thats great that you are doing this! Is she/he any smaller than the other ones?
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aww great news - you are doing a fabulous job, bless them all they have certainly found an angel in you

Good luck with getting some help on those costs

Thanks for updating us
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Bless you for taking care of these babies. I'm glad the little one made it through the night. I'll keep them all in my thoughts.

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Best of luck with the babies.

You are a wonderful person taking them in and caring for them.

God Bless you!
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