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Here kitty kitty kitty!!!

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I'm sitting in the basement at work at 9:30pm with my laptop hoping a hungry feral will go into one of the traps (I have 2 out).

So far I haven't even seen any kitties around tonight, which is never a good sign. I'll go for one more wander to see if I can find any and herd them toward the traps, and if I see none I'm packing up and going home.

All kitty catching vibes appreciated...
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Sending many many "catch kittie vibes" ur way
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Ooh I saw a little grey kitty nearby and went to round him up, then a car came by and scared him off, so went to pack up, and saw a little dark kitty hanging around the food, a little tabby just walked up and is sniffing the food. Come on kitties!!!!!!
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lol, sounds like you are having alot of fun there,.
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leave the trap out overnight (with food and water in it) and you will have them trapped come morning- just be sure you're prompt to pick them up and check the trap
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Well the tabby was hanging out and DESPERATE for the tuna but was very wary of me, so I walked away, and came back 10 minutes later and he was in the trap and there was a tabby and white kitty I haven't seen before sniffing at the cage

So we loaded kitty in the car, and put the regular food back out, and checked the kitty again and noticed he had a notched ear...

Silly boy getting himself trapped again!!!! So we let him go, packed up and came home. There was 2 cats I haven't seen before, and a calico. We've caught 2 calicos previously, but I couldn't tell if her ear was notched.

And Nikki - I don't like leaving traps out overnight. I don't like stressing the kitty out too much, and I don't want other animals coming and annoying it while it's trapped. All the kitties we've trapped so far have been trapped within an hour or so, so it's not too big a deal to wait. I'd rather not catch any rather than have a kitty sitting out in the elements all night.
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(((Come to Sarah, kitties!!!)))
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Originally Posted by DawnofSierra View Post
(((Come to Sarah, kitties!!!)))
They came, I trapped and released because the little devil was already neutered and ear notched. It looks like a notch done by my shelter, so I'll have to check my records and try and figure out of it's one we've trapped through my program, or see if it's another kitty who's wandered into our "territory".
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