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rest in peace sweet, Sunny.. (beloved shelter dog)

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Sunny and his sister Star came into the shelter
where I volunteer because they killed a beagle.
We tested them both with dogs after a few days
and then we said we would test them in 2 weeks.
It has been 2 weeks and Sunny hasn't been getting
any better and Star is fine with some other dogs.
anyways yesterday a volunteer that doesn't come
often and I was drawing up some vaccines for some
cats and the volunteer, her name is Theresa anyways
she came to us and told us (me and the lady who runs the shelter) Sunny bit her and we asked how it happened and she said that she says hi to all the dogs as usual when she gets there and well she said she put her finger in Sunny's kennel and he bit her bad.
atleast it was her and not a kid.

I don't know what got into him and plus he didn't know her from a hole in the wall, but we know his "owner" ruined him. So he was pts today. I think more than him being dog aggressive and biting the volunteer was against him.
someone out there didn't treat him right.

why do people have to ruin such good dogs?? seriously!

Sunny was such a good dog, too and I said goodbye to him yesterday and just sat on the ground and he came over and put his head in my lap and I rubbed his belly and I told him I am sorry that you never had a chance to live your life to the fullest and we just sat there for about a half hour. I told him if I didn't have any other animals, I'd take him home. It sucks that he had to pay his life because of someone else's mistake. (his "owner's")

I just hope he knew how much I loved him. I sure as heck will miss singing his name to him and dancing when I took him out to play. I would always sing "Sunny, Sunny" and dance and it made him excited and happy. only if I could do that one more time just to make him happy.

We haven't had the best few months at the shelter. so much heartache because of people ruining their dogs and then our hearts break having to make this very tough decisions.
first Tasha, Herrig, Freeway, and now him. atleast his sister Star has a chance..

here's Sunny :

and Star :

I love you and will always love you "Sunny, Sunny" ... I am so sorry your so called "owner" failed you and I hope to see you again someday..
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Awww sweetie I am soo sorry for your loss
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I am so sorry hun. Many for you!!

RIP Sunny sunny.
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Oh my, your words went straight to my heart phew, I can only imagine how you are feeling honey Sunny was certainly a special dog and you obviously gave him all the love & care that he certainly deserved

RIP Sweet Sunny, find Roger my RB dog, he would love to have some adventures with you - have fun sweetie
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Oh that just breaks your heart, it is so sad when owners do that to their pets, and the animals want to trust someone else, they are just to scared.

RIP Sunny

I hope you are happy over at the Bridge. Please find my beloved Sambo, he will play with you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP Sunny
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Awwwww look at his little face as well

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Aw - what a handsome boy he was! Rest peacefully, honey, and play happily over the bridge!
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RIP Sweet Sunny
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