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I noticed some blood on the blankets saphira and her kittens are on and i was looking to see where it came from...and I noticed that Saphira is bleeding from her vaginal area a little bit...is this normal?
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Its completely normal for them to loose spots of blood for a few days after they have delivered their babies. Its tricky as a spot can sometimes look like a lot more.

As long as there is not lots of blood and its a normal colour and not a greenish colour I am sure she is fine.
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like the above poster said , a few drops of blood is fine , this can go on for up to 10 days after delivery , as long as its not greenish in colour or smelly its normal.
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Like all has said it is normal.

Cally on the other hand has not spoted since she has given birth.

Keep an eye on her just in case!
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