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earbuds - do they hurt?

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I've noticed that after a while of having earbuds in my ears that my ears begin to hurt. Not as in them being to loud, but more they're sore. I think the earbuds are just too big for my ears.

Anyone else have this issue?

I just wondered as I want to listen to some music, but I had the earbuds in an hour ago and my ears are still sore. I know I can still get the old style headphones...actually I'm thinking of getting the really $$$ Boise headphones. I've heard really good things about those.
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I don't care for them myself. I've had a few different ones including for my cell, but I just don't like them. It's like my ears aren't shaped right for that kind of stuff or something??? It does 'hurt,' sort of like when the drs used to try to make me wear shoes with arches in them...another thing I just can't stand at all!
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If they do, they're either the wrong size, or you're wearing them wrong (although, I'm not sure how one would wear Earbuds the wrong way.... )
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I have ear hooks and my ears get sore after a while, but not anything like trying to put those regular ear phones in. They would always fall out and I don't think they ever fit right. I like the ear hooks because I can listen to my cd player at night and be comfortable.

This is what they look like.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
If they do, they're either the wrong size, or you're wearing them wrong (although, I'm not sure how one would wear Earbuds the wrong way.... )
Oh you mean like sticking them in your nose? "So thats why they're called earbuds...they're for the ears!"

I didn't know you could buy more than one size. hmmm...I have to check the childrens section. I'm tall, but have some small features (like ear holes for earbuds)
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i have found they all start to hurt after some time,
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My ENT hates them Apparently if used improperly, they can cause a good deal of damage. So i always try to listen to my ipod music on a lower setting and am very careful how i use them. They can definitely hurt though and that is not normal- that means you need a different size or you need to give your ears a break for a while
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You know, it sounds sad but I had NO idea what earbuds were until I opened this thread! I mean, I know what they are, but not what they were called. I thought maybe it was a new trend and people were sticking flower buds in the holes for pierced ears! I was just curious.

Needless to say, I have nothing to contribute to this thread.
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I gave up on using earbuds after the second time, for the same reason. What I like are the very lightweight headphones that wrap over the top of the ear and hold the speaker up for you -- rather than clamping in against your ears to hold on by pressure.

I got a really nice one by Koss at WalMart for $10 a few months back! Sounds great, too...
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It depends on the brand. The ones that came with my ipod and the sony ones are fine for me.
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I have never met an earbud that worked in my ears -- and I have tried. Not one has ever sat securely, for a start -- and this means they don't speak into my ears properly, so I don't get good sound from them -- and the kind of tenuous connection makes my ears itch and drives me BANANANANANANANANANANANAS!

I'm sure it's just that my ears are the wrong shape, but whatever the reason, I have given up on them. They aren't worth my time.
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I can't wear them - they hurt my ears. Check Best Buy or somewhere like that, they may make smalled sized ones. Personally, I prefer the full headset.
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