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FOHA Kitties *Pics*

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Just because, I am posting some pics of the kitties we have at FOHA, a no-kill rescue for cats and dogs. We have two seperate catteries, one for FIV+ cats and one for FIV- cats. Our kitties are spoiled as much we can, but it would be great if they could could get into forever homes to be spoiled even more!
Below are some pics of kitties, with their FIV status noted above.

Sandy (male, neutered, FIV+)

Jersey George (male, neutered, FIV+, came from rescue in Jersey that shut down, that's how he got his name. Loves laps! Other cats, not so much.)

Slim (male, neutered, FIV+, came from feral colony in WV. He was sick and was taken to the vet by the people who took care of the colony, and they noticed he wasn't feral! He's very vocal and very sweet! Is missing one toe b/c it had to be amputated due to infection.)

Billy (or Sammy Billy Goat. Male, Neutered, FIV+. Very sweet, loves pets but hates to be brushed. Had almost all of his teeth removed due to infection, but he still eats just fine.)

Big Bob. (Male, FIV+, neutered.)

Brando(Male, neutered, FIV+, named Brando because he had big cheeks when he came to us, like Marlon Brando. If you look closely, you'll see his extra toes. He's our special polydactyl. Loves his back scratched and to play with his kitty toys.)

Angela(Female, spayed, FIV+, was born with it. Very energetic young kitty!)

Sui (Female, spayed, FIV-, came from the SPCA when her time was up. Very nice girl.)

I have more pics of FIV+ kittes than FIV- kitties. Too see more, please go to http://www.foha.org and click on cats for adoption! Thank you!
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Aww they are all absolutely georgeous I sincereley hope they all can find
their fureverhomes very soon

please keep us updated on their progress

I will be keeping all my fingers crossed and saying prayers for each and every one
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Well, the one named Sui has an application, its between her and another torti who came from the same shelter she did! I'll let you know if she gets chosen. As for the FIV kitties, they have been with us a while and will probably not go anywhere anytime soon. People overlook them all the time.
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