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gees 2 months since someone's posted. My turn! pics from the open range zoo and beach from last weeks holiday.

VERY close cheetah

another cute kitty

kitty tummies!

jellyfish washed up

snoozing hippo

ladies *wink*

puppy paw print
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Ooh! I love cheetahs and meercats!

Love the picture of sleepy hippo too
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Great pics..Ill have to add a few soon
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Wow, it's been a while since I came on here! Great zoo pics! I love the last one with the paw print. Very cute!
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Here are a few of my favorite photos, (sorry they have my name on them, they are on flikr so I credited them to me)

This is a London street that I used photoshop to edit,

This is my first attempt at night photography, I took a lot of photos to get one good one

This was a lucky snap of the London Eye, we went on it while we were on our honeymoon. It was such a fluke I took this, we were walking to get a taxi, it had just started to rain and I turned around and took the picture, didnt realise how dramatic it looked until I was going back through my 500 honeymoon pics the other day
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I LOVE photography too. I have an online gallery but here are a few of my all-time favorites:

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I love those Eye pics!
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OH MY GOODNESS!!! The new photos are FANTASTIC!!!! Wish I could take photos like that! Great job!
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I picture I took of Tiger and edited a bit with Paint.Net. I love making it 'warmer' and adding 'portrait effect'! He's such a good boy for staying still. Now if only Angel could do that... It's a tad bit bigger than what is allowed on here.
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Hi everyone. I love photography and I'm loving all your pictures! Here are some pictures of mine.
I particularly like black and white pictures. I ont include any kitty pics becaus I post those in the fur pics section.
My dog Millie in a tree. I had some trouble with the glare on her face but I'm okay with how it turned out.

Millie and I taking a walk down a road.

My dog Lucy doing her spaz attack run

Mille in her working vest

And here are some silhouette pics of my pups.

On a different day

And some sunset pics

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Great new pictures! I love the spaz attack run!

What does Millie do?
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I loved this thread here are a few of my own.

Crystal clear stream taken at Glacier National Park

Berries taken in Lincoln City, Oregon.

The Golden Gate Bridge - I like this photo because I think it shows how massive it is and I love the fog.

Here is the beach, I don't know where exactly this is - somewhere by the Oregon & California border at a rest stop I couldn't capture it. It is the MOST insanely beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Everything was perfect: the white sand with all the footprints, the waves, all of the clouds, the sunset - really it was beyond words

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I like that last one the footprints add to the pic!
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The moon looked amazing the other night when we were in the car, unfortunatly we were in the car when it was at its biggest (near the horizon) but when we stopped I still took a picture of it, my camera has a x12 optical zoom, so it came out ok. i like that crator/star shape on the bottom right of it!

Will brought me flowers the other night on our date night, I love Geberas!

We were supposed to go to some car races the other night but they got called off so Will said we could go out and practice my photography, I was experimenting with shutter speeds, and I took this photo, I was reall really proud of it!

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I went to the Virginia living museum and took these pictures:

I have more but I wont bore you with them
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Wow, this thread has some amazing shots in it! Nice job folks
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Great photos everyone! I'll post a few pics I took a couple of weeks ago.

From Vizcaya

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I have so loved looking at this thread. I finally uploaded some pics last week to come and post here. I will have to get un-busy enough to actually do it! I've just started playing with photography and my DH got me a bunch of lenses for our crappy camera and it's bee just super fun! I'll post them soon!
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I am just amazed at how far this thread has come. I had no idea when I first started it that everyone would enjoy it so much and keep it going for so long! I have not been able to come post for a while but I have gotten a few chances to take a look here and I just LOVE all the pics everyone has added. They are so great! Good job everybody!!!
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Some from my vacation last year.

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Ok, here are some of mine finally!

Ok, those are some of mine!
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Mine aren't very good, but I like the ones from the zoo.

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Awwww, i love the zoo ones!
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Originally Posted by rachelh1018 View Post
Mine aren't very good, but I like the ones from the zoo.

Oh my I love the first one! Look at that face!
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These are all from my vacation in Florida last April.

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The is such a fabulous thread, full of wonderful photos.

Here are a few of mine from our recent trip to Spain

Firstly Casa Batlo in Barcelona - some feel the roof represents a dragon, so when on the roof I was keen to capture the dragon's spine

Fabulous chimneys on the roof of Casa Batlo

A dragonfly in the Ebre Delta wetlands - I wish I could have centred the picture more, but this was the best shot I could get

A monarch butterfly in the Ebre Delta

and finally - a building in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

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Wonderful photos! Love the zoo pics, Spain, the closeups of the insects! How did you do that?, love the photos of the autumn trees, too. They are all great
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Oh and the Florida photos - love the prints in the sand
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Some recent pictures I have taken...

Colonial Williamsburg in VA:

Busch Gardens at Halloween (I stayed safely on the ground!):

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Great pictures, everyone! I've noticed this thread reviving itself for a long time, so I'll finally contribute..
Here is a shot from the butterfly garden at at nearby plant nursery. Can anyone tell me what it is?

I love to take pictures of lizards! There is a little story with this one-I keep live plants in my fishtanks & use a tall kitchen wastebasket for draining the water, which I drag outside & water my plants with. It was getting dark that night so I left the water outside till I could get to it the next day. I had trimmed one of my banana plants with leaves that float on the surface & look who was stranded on a "raft" the next day! I ran for my camera, got some great shots & rescued him after that. This is one of my "trophy" lizard pictures!

A Banana spider from our trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge..

Another lizard, sheltering itself from the rain on my Ponytail palm

A mushroom(?)from NorthWestern PA-can anyone tell me what this is? I tried to research it on line but didn't get any promising leads.
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