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Mika's babies! (Pics)

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Finally I have some pictures of her babies! And of course Mika being a mommy. Here they are!!

Above is the little girl!

Again, the little girl!!

Above the little boy!

And the biggest one, that I had to take to her, so she would wash him off, she was tired after him! Enjoy!
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very cute, im so happy that everything went well. congrats again
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Aww, look at all of your beautiful orange babies!
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I was hoping that Mika would have one that looked like her, but, I am just glad she had no difficulties, and they are all healthy.
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Oh well done Mika. What lovely orange babies you have there.

And what a wonderful job you have done taking Mika in and taking care of her.

Emma x x
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Congratulations, they are all beautiful!
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Adorable! What type of cat is the mother? She's gorgeous!
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Mum cat is a stunner! And all those orange babies...GORGEOUS! Are they all boys? Well done Mika!
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They are just beautiful!
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Nope 1 girl!
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They are sooo sweet!

Dont be shy on the pics!

Momma cat did a beautiful job!
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they are SOOO cute! congratz
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Very pretty babies and so is mama! Glad everything went well with the delivery
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They are beautiful! Girl orange Tabbys are very rare, she's a special girl a true gem. Can you tell them apart at all (any white markings)? The daddy must have been an orange tabby so if you see one around that's probably pops. Congrats and good luck!!
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Yep, as of now, I can tell them all apart! The little girl is the lighter one, the one that I had to put in the box is the big boy, and the other boy is the next to smallest. But she is rare? She definately needs to be spayed! Of course they all need to be spayed, but I don't want people to go off, and breed these kittens!
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How are the babies doing?
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They are doing great! When should I start their socialization? I don't want to make them sick..
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They will be fine for a bit,I dont really touch my babies right now i go in and give them a quick pet,But now is the time you leave them with there mommy.

She needs to get them strong,ANd in a few weeks they will be running around.

Also at this age Momma's dont really leave there babies other than too eat and drink and use the bathroom.

You will have plenty of time,I start at 4 weeks usually but everyone is different.

Even though 2 months goes by soooo fast,
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Oh yes, we have a 7 week old puppy too! It will all go by too fast! And then school will be out!
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Dont say that!
lol i enjoy time away from my blabber mouth daughter,

She can talk your ear off lol
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aww they are so cute =) =)
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Awwww, they are adorable!
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I am so happy that everything is going great!

Is Mika just going to stay into the house permently, or untill the kittens are gone?

I can't waitto see pictures of them growing!
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Originally Posted by Spirita2010 View Post
When should I start their socialization? I don't want to make them sick..
With the few litters of kittens (and puppies) that I have raised/helped raise, I start their socialization immediately. I clean their cage/beds out at least twice a day and have to pick them up to do that. I hold them, and get them up close to my face so they can get used to my scent. I give them each a quick check-up, make sure there's nothing wrong. I get them used to having their toes messed with which really comes in handy when you start clipping nails! Of course if it stresses momma out, then don't handle them as much... and always remember to thoroughly wash your hands before you handle them.
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