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This is sooo weird

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My boyfriend has been trying to call me apparently but he couldn't get through so he sent me a text message on my cell phone. I called him and our phone number is coming up with a different number on his call display. I told him to hang up and call back that number and it rang through here. To make it even weirder, our phones aren't working, except for one cordless one on the other side of the house. The rest of the phones in the house are dead. Our phone number is usually ***-0496 but now for some reason it is ***-0750.

None of us have any idea what is going on, but 2 of us living here are waiting to hear from places about jobs.
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Time to call your phone company. (Let me guess, it's Bell Cda) They are notorious for this happening to their customers.
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Haha, yeah it is bell. We have 2 different phone lines through them hooked up here. One is an 800 number (which is my boyfriends moms business) and we keep getting random calls to that number and then we have the home phone which is doing this now.
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Get onto Bell's case right away because when that happened to me, it took them almost 2 weeks to sort out their mistake (BTW, you shouldn't have to pay for those days when your service was not actually in service). If you ask for a rebate or something for "good faith," Bell is usually pretty good about giving you something. They once screwed up my lines and I ended up getting a $20 per month discount for 6 months -- so, don't be afraid to push Bell to give you something for your headaches about this.
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well how do you like this...I lost my phone and it is -0750
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I went to Bell and they looked it up and apparently the new number has the same name and address as ours. It's like someone set up an account with our name or something....so weird. It makes me even more mad though because I got a phone call today saying that I got a job and I didn't get the call. We just have to check our messages with our old number and call back with the new weird number.

That is weird ladycat.
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