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Why do cats, when they're about to do a number 2, have to dig as fast a possible and scatter the litter everywhere?

I watched her today doing a 'mega-dig' and she dives into the little opens her back legs and proceeds to dig at light speed until there's no litter left, lol.

Daft cat

*edited by Da Bunneh*
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Sorry - what is a number 3?
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I am going to put this in Behavior Forum for you...Some kitties just dig a lot because there isn't enough litter in the pan to cover the smell as their noses are really sensitive. And for wild kitties they dig deep because they know that the deeper they go the harder the scent will be to track for the predators looking for them. I know my kitties out in the yard in the summer dig so deep sometimes I think they mean to bury themselves, and not their waste products!
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Yeah - mine only do No 1s and No 2s.

Suki must be ultra cool to be able to do a No 3!!!!!!!

But they dig like mental too It costs me a fortune in cat litter - I've taken to sweeping it up and putting it back in the litter tray (it's sad what poverty does to you)!!
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:laughing: Maybe she meant a number 2?

Mine dig like crazy too when they are about to go to the bathroom.
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LOL, sorry about the wrong forum and the wrong number. DUH! My brain is going a mile a minute.

So it's a commmon thing in cats? Okay, I just thought she was insane, but I already knew that
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Actually, you aren't too insane When Ivo pees, she only digs a little bit. However, when she poos, she does try and dig to China. That's why I got an enclosed litterpan!
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Hehe, we got her an enclose litter tray and she wouldn't go in, she thought she was going to the vet :o

Yeah widdles are quick and simple, but do dos are noisey affairs.
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If the enclosed one does not work, why not try those extra deep plastic storage containers? WHy not give that a shot.

Ah yes, mine digs to China and back when it comes to #2.
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Peedoodle was always making a mess when he went for #2, his litter tray was not big enough and so we went to Wal-mart and looked around, and noticed that all litter trays were rather small, so we went to the plastic containers part, and found a big tray which was just perfect and now less litter to clean up off the floor. I think they are normally used for under the bed, its not too deep but its deep enough to keep the litter in and its big enough for the cat to do his business in.
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