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Tuesday's DT

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What a horrible day! I am doing a job at work I normally love, but I have been out of this division for 6 months so I am out of date! I have to be responsible for providing accurate info to all of my coworkers (for the next 2 weeks I am a technical advisor on Employment Insurance claims and legislation).

Other then that I am tired - once again I am having trouble sleeping. I hate that. I don't really have anything on my mind, but I still toss and turn all night. Cats have been avoiding me at night because I have been poking them to play with me. It is alright if they wake me up, but not the other way around.

I bought a new Siamese fighting fish on Sunday. My previous one, Dragon, died on halloween. I found a beautiful one at Petsmart! His name is Godzilla. I try to give my fish fierce name to scare the cats. He is really high up, but they still love watching him and trying to figure out ways to get to him. We put his bowl on the coffee table to introduce him to the cats. We put a book on top of the openning and Merlin still found a way in and tried to scoop his new brother from the bowl. Godzilla was returned swiftly to his perch high above the cats!

Hope everyone else is doing well.
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I'm in one of those moods where I really just don't want to do anything here at work. Of course, it comes on a day when I'm swamped. We went to bed late after watching the Broncos lose on Monday Night Football and the news. Of course, it didn't help that at 10:00 Earl decided that he had to vacuum the whole place. (Our downstairs neighbors have moved out.) He gets that bug when someone (especially someone we don't know) is going to come over, in this case the maintenance people. The washer bit it in the middle of my laundry this weekend, so we get a new washer, which they are bringing over today. YEAH!

Other than that, not much going on in my little part of the world.

Isn't it funny how we must be alert and ready whenever the cats want something but they get so irritated when we want them up? LOL
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We just had business people from China get a tour of our call centre. They are thinking of openning a call centre for whatever company they work at and since ours is top of the line and on the cutting edge of call centres they came here to see our operation. I had to look busy! How many pics can they take of each other standing in front of a baffle?
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Not so good, here. My friend, Katey, called this morning. Another friend of ours, Betty, has been on life support, since Friday. They're waiting for her kids to get to Sierra Vista, before disconnecting. Its been one year and one month, since Betty's husband died.

Betty and Hal stuck by me, through the divorce and Betty helped Katey a lot, through hers. I guess that's a sign of getting older - your friends start dying off.

Katey's going to keep me posted, so that I can get down there, for any memorial service.
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Man, I don't know what's wrong with me. I slept through my 7am alarm, and my 8 am, and didn't get up until noon! I was in bed by 11 last night, and asleep around midnight. I just got up, and I'm still tired!
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Cindy, I've very, very sorry to hear that. It must be very painful for you.
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