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Randy lil thing!!!

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I've recently got a 4yr old male tabby from a resque centre. The women said he'd been there a while n hasn't had any interest so decided to take him home.
He's been here 4days now n has settled in really well n is such a fuss pot, only problem is he humps everything soft! he starts by kneeding, puts his head down then arches his bk n goes for it.

Any advice on how to stop it?

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Assuming he is, but is he neutered?
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If he is neutered maybe he was neutered a bit late?

The only thing I can suggest is make sure any sort of soft items are laying flat, no bunched up blankets, don't let him get to pillows. Also when he see him start kneading maybe move him down to the floor, pet him so he doesn't think he's in trouble, but redirecting him enough may break the habit.

I don't suggest you yell or punish him for it, this is his way of seeking comfort, hence the kneading.
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Some neutered cats will still do this as a comfort thing - my Wellington started it after his brother died last October, but now does it less. Can you try and direct his emergies to just one toy or cushion and keep giving him that one each time? It is hard I know, Wellington just wanted to do it with me - he would start by kneading and then go for it!
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Kitty does this nearly every night on my bed
Behaviourists recommend you distract them with play but to be honest I let Kitty get on with it because when I stop him he just comes back when I`m asleep and wakes me up.
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Ok I've saved this story but it's time. Hemmy is a "mostly" Maine Coon who showed up on my deck many years ago. He was full grown and had obviously been a pet. We could not find his owner and we were delighted to add him to our family. He's a FANTASTIC cat. Anyway, we got the shots and had him neutered. I'm guessing he was anywhere from 1 to two at the time he showed up.

He has an infatuation with a faux-fur pillow we have. I'd like to say that my mother-in-law bought it and I hope I would never be accused of buying something as tacky as this particular pillow happens to be, but I digress. Hemmy kneads his paws on it. Then he turns on his purr and it's a big one. He starts lowering his chest to the pillow. His eyes half close. He puts his whole body into it, purring and kneading, kneading and purring. Even the other cats shoot questioning glances at him.

I strongly suspect, however, that my cat doesn't have cheap flick aspirations and that he was weaned too early. He will often make a sucking sound when he performs \t his, errr, whatever you'd like to call it.

What do you think adamski? Is your cat amorous or just missing his mom?
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