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When Cats Attack.

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Remember not to anger your furkids, becasue they have teeth and claws and they will fight back.

Here is proof.

First, the kitty 'innocently' chews on your hand.

Then he pretends he in finished with you... but he is staring at you getting ready for his ultimate attack.

Then he lunges upon you and sinks his fangs into you. Claws also very sharp.

Don't mind me, I look like a doofus.

So take heed to this reminder, and never anger your kitties! Feed them and love them up!
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good times eh?
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He's really just showing you how much he loves you. You only hurt the ones you love!
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Haha... I had an orange tabby when I was younger that used to wake me in the middle of the night by biting my jugular! Boy, did I feel the love... LOL
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Oh good grief their so funny!! He loves you really
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Poo felt the same way about, well, not getting her way.


Bleah! No more hand lotion please!

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ACK! Just from looking at the pics I could feel the claws!
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You are such a good meowmy for putting up with that! You look like you're trying not to laugh you behind off, too!
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I was crying I was laughing so hard.
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aww a a kitty hug Dino loved to bite heads - not nice when friends come
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My kitten does that exact thing! She sticks her fangs and claws into my head and starts eating my hair! Its a pain trying to get her unraveled from my hair by all the tangles she causes! She gets crazy with my hair... She loves to do this when I sleep! Cute cat and adorable pictures!
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OMG, those pics are hilarious!
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Those are cute pix! I hope they didn't hurt that much though
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Great pics!
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