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Megaesophagus and Lola

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I thought I would place this here as I ask for advice and prayers for Lola. Lola was left in my care 2 weeks ago at the tender age of two weeks because she either lost her mom or her mom lost her. From day one she has had trouble bottlefeeding it is so frustrating for her. Lola first saw the emergency vet and was given fluids and an antibotic. Then she was taken to the rescues vet and left them confused but amazed at her spirit. After doing some research she may have megaesophagus. The plans are to have her revisit the vet with the reserached information, this was mentioned as a possibility, and determine where we go from here. She may or may not outgrow this. Right now she is slowly gaining weight, has the comfort of a furry foster mom and foster littermates and is being bottlefed. The foster who currently has her says that she will give her every chance she can to grow up. So if anybody is familiar with this problem could you please share. And please send Lola some TCS vibes that she can beat this.

Dozen2Luv (Regina)
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Oh Bless her heart...many prayers and vibes for her
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Oh, poor little Lola. Many powerful TCS vibes on the way to her. Hugs to Lola and all who are trying to help her.
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