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Maisie not progressing as expected

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Maisie had her teeth sorted out just over 3 weeks ago now and has been doing quite well, however I would have thought she`d be putting on weight by now.
The last 2 days I`ve noticed she isn`t eating as much either. She is brighter mentally but physically she still looks quite mangey to be honest. Also she seems to be leaving bits of poo outside the litter tray. Not a proper one just small amounts, otherwise she is very good about using the tray.
I`m going to ring a different vet tomorrow for an appointment because I wasn`t impressed with her vet last time.
Do you think it would be caused by illness or just old age? How do you decide when enough is enough? I don`t want her to suffer but I don`t want to put her through lots of painful treatment.
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When Raj had a bunch of extractions, she didn't seem to recover properly afterwards - she lost about 2 pounds over the course of a month and she was always licking her lips like she had just finished eating. I was under the impression that all her stitches were bothering her and making it uncomfortable to eat. The vet agreed to remove the stitches and when she was under the anaesthesia he called me and said that he had found another loose tooth that he'd missed the first time, way in the back (it may have been obscured by swelling the first time he worked on her) and asked for permission to pull it, which i agreed to. He also took the stitches out. Unfortunately by then she had developed anorexia and it was a while before i found a magic food that made her want to eat again - she had zero interest in the wet food she was supposed to be on until her mouth healed, and didn't want her old food either. Eventually i did find a food she was enthusiastic for and she's been eating well since.

I don't know if that helps your situation - but if the tooth issues were extensive, it's possible your vet might have missed something.
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Oh, your poor kitty! All`s well now though?

Maisie was in a very poor condition when I got her but she only had one tooth removed and cleaning done. When she goes to new vet I will get them to check her mouth. She has a very good appetite most of the time though.
She doesn`t seem to have any muscle. Poor old girl.
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Was she on antibiotics after the extraction? That can sometimes cause problems around the litterbox. Also, you mention she's older--has she been tested for hyperthyroidism and kidney problems? If so, what were the results?
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Yes, she was on anti biotics and had bad diarrhea for about 5 days which soon settled but this was happening before as well.
I can`t think of the correct word but he said her breath smelt of urine which he said was a sign of kidney faliure but when the bloods came back he said it would probably correct itself after her teeth were done as it wasn`t as bad as he thought. ( I don`t know the exact numbers )
When I took her back he said it was probably because she was dehydrated and if she was drinking lots in a months time he could re-test her, Which she isn`t.
She wasn`t tested for hyper-thyroidism. This is what I wanted to ask him about when we went back but as it was a follow up ( No charge ) he really wasn`t interested in answering my questions, hence going to new vet.
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When you go to the new vet, I would definitely have a thyroid screen done--it should be done on all older cats to catch problems early, in my opinion, but especially on cats showing signs such as weight loss and excessive thirst. A urinalysis to check on her urine specific gravity is also important. Also, keep in mind that you are entitled to copies of your cat's chart and bloodwork. They may charge you only a small fee to cover the cost of the copies (though many places will do them for free). It's a good idea to bring a copy of the cat's chart to your new vet, as well as keep copies of test results for your own records.

As one of my cat loving friends (whose oldest cat is 20 years) is fond of saying, "Old age is not a disease." If your cat is looking unwell, there is almost always a physical cause, and many physical causes of illnesses can be either treated or cured. I'm glad you are seeking a new vet who will be more responsive to your questions and concerns. Don't be afraid to push them to do tests--sometimes they think every pet owner would rather save money that find the cause of their pet's illness, so they don't suggest tests that would otherwise be a good idea.
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Thank you Cloud Shade!
I didn`t see your post before as I`ve been at work so only just had the chance to look.
Well, I rang a new vet this morning and we went in a few hours later. They were so nice! Very helpful, no rush, got to ask everything I didn`t get a chance to at the other vets....Great!
They had already got her paperwork from the other vet so that helped alot.
She has actually gained almost half a kg! She felt her tummy and said it all felt pretty mushy in there so she had steroid injection to help that and she said the diarrhea could be because she`s finding the food I`m giving her too rich. So, she has a sensitive one for a week and then she`s recommended a regular food thats not so rich.
We have to go back in 3 weeks for anouther weigh-in and she wants to wait till then to see if she is still gaining and then decide on doing more thorough blood tests.
So at the moment it`s looking a bit better.
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hello - I was only wondering the other day how things were going with little Miss Maisie Moo

I was a little uncertain when reading your opening post but now she's seen a new vet, which I must say, they seem on the ball and as you say things are looking good

So she's put on a bit of weight, and hopefully with a new diet things will get better, bless her

Give her some tummy rubs from us ooo not forgetting Kitty, hope he has settled down now that he has his place back

keep us posted
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Thanks Ann! Yeah, I didn`t think she`d put on anything but the vet said she`s not getting a chance to get much goodness from her food coz she can`t keep it in her long enough. Soooo, if that is the problem, she should start putting on a bit more.
I`m really impressed with this new vet.
Kitty is almost back to normal
He gets a whiff of her on me now and again and honestly, his eyes just turn black and I usually distract him or he just goes and sulks. I will pass the scritches on.
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