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Love My Kits

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Yesterday, I worked my day shift job (we're interviewing for a position so everyone was stressed), then had night class (I got lowest score in the class on Hip Hop knowledge, go figure!). On the way home, I called the young woman I sponsor to check in. She let me know she just left the hospital and needed to go to another doctor. So had to scramble and try to find a way to make that happen today.

I was so stressed and worried by the time I got home and the kits seemed to understand. When I finally went to bed, Sebastian was curled around my head - something he has never done, and Daphne was all curled up by my chest purring like a motorboat. I felt much better by the time I drifted off. I know I have said I would be lost without my feline friends, but it is times like this that really make it true.
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Sometimes cats truly are the best medicine.

Sorry you had such a horrible day!
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Awr, that's why cats are like, one of the best pets to have!

Sorry you had a tough day
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